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tv   FOX and Friends Saturday  FOX News  December 8, 2012 3:00am-7:00am PST

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bill clinton. >> i'm not american so i can't really tell, can i. >i. >> sean: can you do a new york accent? >> i'm not going to try. >> >> sean: how you doing. talk radio, coffee. >> coffee. >> how you doin. great to see you. thank you for being on the show. >> sean: sadly, that's all the time we have left this evening. as always, thank you for being with us. let not your heart be troubled. the news continues. we will see you back here on monday. >> good morning to you, it's saturday, december 8th. so it's the middle of the weekend which is good news. i'm ainsley earhardt filling in for alisyn this morning. no end in sight for the fiscal cliff hanger. >> when it comes to the fiscal cliff threatening our economy and jobs the white house has wasted another wee>> why speaker
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says the president's my way or the highway approach is getting us nowhere. >> the feds are borrowing nearly a billion dollars a day. so why is the white house saying reducing our debt not really the goal? >> thank you, eric, it's the most watched video on the internet of all time. he is set to perform for the president. gangnam style said about our soldiers a few years ago. that controversy kicking up this morning. "fox & friends" hour one begins right now. >> get out the coffee. wake up, everyone, thank you so much for waking up with tus, it is "fox & friends" on this saturday morning. dave bowling in for dave briggs. >> come in and do the show with us today. more filling in today than the regulars. we are glad to be on with you clayton. >> you are on an interesting morning because congress now
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just 23 days left, 23 days until we head off that flif. fiscal cliff. if you listened to speaker boehner yesterday he is reading reports that the president is trying to slow walk this thing. listen to the speaker. >> when it comes to the fiscal cliff that's threatening our economy and threatening jobs, the white house has wasted another week. >> there are a lot of things that are possible to put the rev that the president seeks on the table, but nope of it is going to be possible. the president insists on his position. insists on my way or the highway. that's not the way to get to an agreement that i think is important for the american people and very important for our economy. >> there you go. so that's what speaker boehner's office is saying. they had a phone call on thursday. but people wondering if they are not even talking at all anymore. >> he said this is no way to
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an agreement there should be compromise. if you are elected official you should represent all of the united states and you should compromise and hear both sides. >> i think you should go off the fiscal cliff. americans are barreling down the road that's debt. there is a fork in the road. on the left are all our kids and our grand kids and the next generations. and on the right the road on the right is the fiscal cliff. really that the is choice if we don't do something about it we are going to go anyway. do you run over the kids with the car or do you take the other road which is not a good one but better than running over your kids fiscal cliff. it's a hard choice. >> but if we don't do it, if we don't go over the fiscal cliff the democrats will never cut a dime in spending. >> why would the democrats want change? if the bush tax cuts are going to expire they are saying this is great because this means the rich are going to pay more money, we are going to have more money to spend. they are already spending a the lo. they are saying why would we want change? this is great we have more
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money to spend. >> nancy pelosi saying why aren't we voting on middle class tax cuts? get to the other stuff. put this up for a vote: listen to nancy pelosi. we are not here to pass the middle income tax cut why are we here to not deat a time the middle income tax cut. could it be that the republicans are holding the middle income tax cuts as they have all along hostage to tax cuts for the wealthy? >> can i give another analogy? do you mind? it's just crazy, the former speaker of the houses the republicans are holding the middle class hostage. the two sides that come to the bargaining table may want to come to spending cuts on tax increases. think of it you are selling a house. you want to sell your house, the buyer comes in and you say i think my house is worth 400,000 bucks but the other side comes in and says i'm starting at zero. that's what the democrats brought. that's what the president brought to the table. he he said $1.6 trillion in
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tax increases and no spending cuts. >> that's a great point. you know why? because what the republicans did was that paperwork. they got all their ducks in a row. got cantor's tax revenue. paul ryan $800 billion. paul ryan and eric cantor who eric cantor before said he wouldn't sign $800 billion in revenue. he got those signatures. that was the deal they handed to the white house. the white house says that's not a god. meanwhile that's where the white house was a few years ago. $800 billion is where the white house was a few years ago. enough to we know spending is what the republicans want under controlling and borrowing. look at this new cbo report this morning. the feds are borrowing $4.8 billion a day. so far for the next year, for fiscal year 2013. but the jay carney, listen to the white house press secretary says, look, the whole thing here is not about deficit reduction, listen.
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>> deficit reduction in and of itself is not the goal here. the reason to get our fiscal house in order. the reason to pass a deficit reduction package that is balanced and allows for economic growth and job creation is to put our economy on a sustainable fiscal path, which, then itself produces positive economic benefits and growth and jobs. >> okay. so here's the problem with that jay carney speaking for the president. speaking for the president, president obama, think back a couple years ago, in fact, it was october of 2008 when he was senator obama wanting to be president obama. he was concerned about the deficit and the debt. listen to what he had to say back then. >> the problem is the way bush has done it over the last 8 years is to take out a credit card from the bank of china in the name of our children, driving up our national debt
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from $5 trillion from the first 42 presidents, number 43 ed a $4 trillion by his lonesome so we now have over $9 trillion of debt that we're going to have to pay back. $30,000 for every man, woman and child. that's irresponsible. it's unpatriotic. >> so, unpatriotic. >> the hypocrite in chief says in 2008 that 5 from is unpatriotic but now we're up to $16.4 trillion. that's okay. by the way we move my credit card limits. he doesn't want a debt ceiling going forward. >> debt ceiling no more can congress deal when the president says we're going to raise the debt ceiling. no squabbles back and forth. >> let me get this straight. borrow $4.8 billion a day and now we're coming to the edge ever the fiscal cliff. republicans are saying hey,
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let's continue the bush tax cuts, let's make this fair for everyone but let's stop spending. we are spending more than we have. democrats are saying now they are saying it doesn't matter, we are not focused on the deficit anymore. we want to keep spending so we're going to raise taxes. >> don't touch spending. if you touch spending do it five or 10 years down the road. let another congress do it. in the meantime raise revenues through tax increases. >> i hear my father's voice. we all grew up with our dads that they saved every penny they had. they came from that generation. my dad would never say ainsley just spend, spend, spend on your credit cards. don't worry about the debt? don't save a dime. if you were running a business your business would have been out of business. >> that's what scary. we love america so much and people are concerned where our country is going. >> email your questions at friends at >> headlines. might be the biggest arrest related to terror attack in
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benghazi. the "wall street journal" reports mohammed abu. many believe the leader of a new wing of al qaeda. meantime the secretary of state hillary clinton now agreeing to testify in benghazi attack in an open hearing. elena roth laytonnen says she with will testify before the end of the year but no date has been set. two australian shock jocks have been yanked off the air indefinitely after that prank involving kate middleton it took a tragic turn. a nurse at the hospital where the nurse was being treated was found dead on friday. she reportedly killed herself after all of this. she was duped by the dj's believing that the keep was on the phone for kate: kate william -- prince william and
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kate -- the supreme court could agreed to legal challenges ban on california's same sex marriage as well as the federal defense of marriage act. that act restricts federal benefits that gay couples can get by defining marriage as something that can only exist between a man and a woman. the court will hear both cases in march. 700-million-dollar power ball jackpot come forward. decided toe remain anonymous. i was wondering why dave wasn't at work today. it's an arizona guy. lottery officials say he is in his 30's he moved to arizona with his wife a year ago. they are taking the lump sum and get $134 million in taxes. i think they can bolivia on that. 134 million. a missouri couple claimed the other winning ticket last week. those are some of your headlines. >> thanks so much, ainsley.
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check in with rick with a look at the first alert forecast this morning. hey, rick. >> i was hoping my parents. when it wasn't my numbers. i thought my parents. my last chance in arizona. >> you would have moved home. >> i would have moved only right into the guest bedroom it would have been a biggest bedroom i guarantee it. >> colder out across the west. showers and little bit of snow across the great lakes. this is all kind of light but persistent over the next two to three days so get ready for gloomy conditions and scattered showers on and ooff around the ohio valley and pacific northeast. there is disturbance across the far northern rockies. that's what's going to develop into one of our first real snow storms over the next cup perform of days across parts of the plains. snow moved in across the northern plains for much of the day tomorrow into minnesota and wisconsin. parts of michigan but there will be mostly rain from chicago southward. this just kind of sticks with us for the next couple of days. so get ready for that. it's been very cold across
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alaska for a lot of last month or so. they have had the colder airs alaska and into canada. some of that cold air is spilling into canada because it's getting closer to the lower 48's. impulses of that air at least moving in towards us. we will deal with winter-like weather. at least temperaturewise. finally getting in towards our area. today's temps looking like this. not that bad for anybody. tomorrow much colder in across parts of the plains. >> we will take it coming up on the show. activists say he killed 40,000 of his own people and nows that ha chemical weapon. now big is syria's president to our national security. tony shaffer is here next with his thoughts. he is meant to bring joy at christmas time. this is an that is stirring up trouble instead. controversy coming up. [ male announcer ] this december, remember --
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>> depositions rising in syria as the u.s. confirms its stance on political transition there. >> the united states stands with the syrian people in insirsing that any transition process result in a unified, democratic syria in which all citizens are represented. sunni any allawi, christians, kurds, druce, women, every syrian must be included in this process for a new and better future and a future of this kind cannot possibly include assad. >> is just who is president bashar assad and how big of a
3:17 am
threat is he to the world? here to weigh in senior fellow defense studdies lt. colonel tony shaffer. set up for the audience who is bashar assad? >> bashar assad is the former president of the syria took over in 1971. and ruled frank whether i an iron fist assad took over in. there was hope that there would be reforms and much like other dictators who come in. it's double down and continue the same policies and trends as his former -- the person he replaced. we saw this in north korea and we are seeing it again. >> talk about the latest news. there are reports that assad has weapons of mass destruction. potentially saran and mustard
3:18 am
gas. your thoughts, we use them? is he capable of using them? >> absolutely capable. and military well trained in them. let's be very clear here. the russians have done a good job of training and equipping the syrian military. that's very important. the russians have helped do this. russian supplied material. with that said, the question becomes will he use it? does he have the will? >> absolutely. but i would argue only if his back is against the wall. the best possible option is for him to just leave. i think secretary of state clinton is clear and we agree in our thinking of the think tank that we have to leave the infrastructure in syria in tact. by destroying the infrastructure the governance of that country we allow libya to slip into chaos. we not allow it to happen in syria. best course of action is for us to not do that sort of thing. encourage him to leave. have the russians help us. clearly we have got to maintain that country as a sovereign effective good
3:19 am
country with governance in some form. >> we don't have enough time to go through the country. talk about the countries going to play a vital role in whether this is solved peacefully or a bad let's talk about iran. let's talk about russia and let's talk about egypt which one is the king pin in this whole mess? >> rush sharks -- russia, period for syria anyway. base where they have ships coming into. they vin influence over both countries as we know the russians have been helping the iranians. egypt not so much. egypt has its own problems. iranians we are already in their face so to speak. sanctions. issues with elm this. russia is the king pin here. they can do the most good and the most harm. frankly, now if the represents are used they will hold partial responsibility since they supplied them to president assad and obviously they would be a coconspirator using bad act. >> we have to be concerned quick answer "yes" or "no" about assad sending those weapons of mass destruction over to iran, right? >> the biggest thing we have
3:20 am
to worry about is him losing control of those weapons. terrorists or iran. terrorists worried about. but no matter what, we have got to maintain positivelike on where those things are at. >> lt. colonel tony shaffer, thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> do you use a credit card? well, if we go over the fiscal cliff, your personal account could be in trouble. frightening site at balloon festival when fireworks go shooting out into the crowd and out of control.
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>> welcome back, quick headlines for you. a disturbing break-in at the home of house oversight committee chairman darrell issa about $100,000 worth of
3:24 am
jewelry was stolen. police say they are pursuing several solid leads. music star tony practices ton in the hospital this morning. ♪ unbreak my heart ♪ say you love me again. >> health problems due to lupus. >> how the fiscal cliff can have impact on your credit card. >> joining us live with what we all need to know veer have a. >> this is late for us. normally she is on 5:00 a.m. show. >> very early. >> you can see more credit card debt go over othe cliff. >> taxes would rise. the average household would see liability go up $3,500. so more taxes, higher taxes
3:25 am
means you have less money to pay down your credit card debt. a lot more people would become more heavily reliant on plastic. used for every day expenses. this comes at a time when the average household has $15,000 in credit card debt in delinquencies and late payments are on the rise. >> tough time. taxes and credit card of course you are going to put it on the credit card. >> >> charge away. >> tight anything lending standards. >> we fall off the cliff the economy goes back into a recession and lending standards would tighten again. they have been a little bit looser as of late. they would tighten up bit. credit card companies slash limits on credit cards on existing consumers. issue new credit would keep limits relatively low because they don't want to assume more risk. >> a will the of people are buying houses now because they say the interest rates are low if they can come up with the cash to put down. you are saying this is going to change though. >> if we go off the cliff and the u.s.' credit rating takes a hit a downgrade then the government's borrowing costs
3:26 am
go up and so would yours. rise on your credit card, auto loan, mortgages. that type of thing. that would go up. just because you have a fixed rate card all that means is that the issuer has to give you 45 days in order to raise your rates. those could go up by a full percentage point. >> could expect sneaky new fees,. >> lovely right? despite the credit card act they find a way to put in sneaky new fees just to shore up the balance sheets. another source of revenue. >> introductory offers. is he a the love them out there right now. 0% financing for 18, 21. nearly twoers yoof zero percent financing. a couple years ago those offers were hard to come by or messed with the terms that was zero percent for six months. you could see us go back to that kind of situation. >> that can be helpful. somebody bought a house and needed to furnish the house they don't have that kind of money to buy sofas and beds. they went to a furniture card
3:27 am
credit card for 2% for two years. they figured how they could pay it off. >> nice plan as long as you can pay it off. >> we'll worry about that after the holidays. if you are that person definitely get on a plan. pay something every week. >> i'm with your dad you have got to pay off the credit card. >> don't charge more than you have, ainsley. >> it drove us crazy when he he -- when we were little but he was a smart man. $60,000 for a ticket to sandy relief concerts that's happening thanks to shameless scalpers. how much money from the victims of the super storm actually see from that concert? it's the most watched video on the internet. he he is set to perform for the president. wait until you hear what he said about our soldiers. with the spark cash card from capital one,
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>> welcome back to "fox & friends" on this saturday morning. it is the song that's taken the world by storm. this song, gangnam style song on youtube has been watched over or close to a billion times worldwide. making it the most popular video of all times. that guy is about to perform for the president tomorrow
3:32 am
night as part of a larger christmas special that's set to air on tnt. now we're learning a little about his history dating back to mid 2004 in some things he is slamming american soldiers as we're in the war in iraq and south korea's involvement in it. in fact, he actually has called for the death of the soldiers who were involved. >> and their families. >> families of the soldiers who were involved. it's interesting to note that he is south korean, right? there was somewhere around 40,000 americans who died making sure south korea was a safe place to live. and i think there are a lot of people, a lot of american soldiers on that border making sure that north koreans don't south korea. now this video is making him a lot of money. he is re-thinking his stance on what he said. he has apologized now and acknowledging those statements. he is saying about this. so it's t. wasn't as if he
3:33 am
made a mistake. the lyrics we are not going to read them for you because they are hateful and unbelievable. to eric's point, to your point about killing americans, that's what he was singing about. now he has apologized for it and he he says, you know, i will forever regret those statements and any pain that i caused those words years ago to eric's point. now he is making money off of it of course he would apologize. >> forget that. this guy is going to perform at the white house. >> not at the white house. >> i'm sorry, for a christmas special it should be note heed that there was a petition at one point that people signed saying don't let him perform. don't let him represent us. >> that was a petition on the white house web site. >> white house web site. >> ironically it's been taken down. >> this is a question, right? tn. >> it is going to air this christmas special. we now know this about this guy. dawnt this guy performing in your house during of the christmas holiday and
3:34 am
furthermore, should the president be in attendance there? maybe remove him as part of this larger performance christmas special. turner owns tnt broadcasting. >> look at the photo op., right? psy is going to do pony thing. is the camera going to take president obama and the family gangnam styling while sedansing knowing what this guy said 8 years ago. frankly i didn't know what he said. i just found out myself. >> he we're learning about it. now that you know there is time to make a change. >> when i didn't know the lyrics of the song. we all have made mistakes. maybe he was in his 20's and made this mistake and said something he regrets now and we all have done things we regret back in the day. then i read the lyrics and i thought no one ever should talk about killing someone else and that hateful the families of soldiers. >> i can understand slip of the tongue you are tired and phrase something incorrectly.
3:35 am
>> this goes beyond that. >> it happens all the time here on my account. let's talk about he wrote it out and sang about it. it's not a mistake when you are repeatedly singing about something. let us know how you feel about this. we are learning about this as well this morning. ff weekend there is the the twitter address. >> now for other headlines this morning and a fox news alert. a huge blow to al qaeda. one of their top officials has reportedly been killed. abu al kuwait died in drone strike in afghanistan. he was seen as a potential successor to head the entire terrorist organization. it might be a marijuana mess for colorado and washington. new reports this morning the obama administration might sue the state. recently passed initiatives decriminalized the recreational use of pot. but it is still illegal under federal law. options for the administration include preventing the states from regulating and taxing marijuana or cutting off federal cash. a new jersey town acting like
3:36 am
the grinch trying to tear down one man's christmas spirit. the fight is over this 400-foot inflatable santa. the owner of seasonal world says there is no ordinance but he has been issued five tickets ordering him to take it down. the mayor calling it a hazard because it could blow over. >> what i do every year and i have been doing it for 12 years and they have been basically harassing me for 12 years. >> the owner of seasonal world says he has no intention of moving santa and he will take the battle to court after christmas. a fireworks display in burma goes terribly wrong when explosions go off into the crowd. [screams] >> you can hear the screams. this is a festival and hot air balloons were filled were fireworks. they were sent into the air. one balloon started exploding too soon and the fires shot into the crowd. people ran for their lives as
3:37 am
balls of fireworks were spiraling toward them as you can see. imagine being on the ground while this was happening. no one was injured. those are your headlines. unbelievable no one was injured it looks like a mess. >> looks like my neighborhood fourth of july party. dad would shoot the fireworks and they would under the carery. >> chilly start for people across the west but getting warm again temporarily across areas of the east. take a look at what is going on weatherwise. big changes about to happen. saturday, here is where you see kind of the only real cold air is across the far northern rockies in northern plains, that's going to be part of a snow storm developing today and tomorrow out across the west. tomorrow though, temps really plummet across areas of the rockies. denver only getting to 20 for a high on sunday. averages is 43. 25 degrees below average. remember last week we were around 35 degrees above average out there. then he we are going to warm up out across parts of the
3:38 am
south tomorrow. look at your first alert forecast for the day today with these warmer temperatures back here across areas of the northeast. it's also going to be a bit gloomy and cloudy. a little bit foggy and rainy that's going to go all the way through monday. warm temperatures today continuing to be warm south of that front and continue to see some showers. tonight and tomorrow with snow. and then out across the west great for the skiers out there. still be sunny at least for now down across the southwest. eric, send it to you inside. >> thank you, rick. the army-navy football rivalry kicked off 122 years ago. and today they are set to square off once again. in the book when saturday mattered most, author mark beach talks about memorable army season and the importance of this game. joining us now is the author mark beach. 1991 west point graduate and
3:39 am
"sports illustrated" editor and writer. i want to talk about that game. you point out it's the last college football game of the season. only game played on this saturday. why is that important? >> that's important because this game was tremendously important in the landscape of college football for more than half of the 20th century and it's still something that everybody in the college football world looks forward to on their calendar. it's the end of the business part of college football season and the beginning of the bowl season. army-navy game in its hay day was a bowl of its own. and to the guy who play today it's certainly the same. >> interesting title. when saturday mattered most. saturday still matters though, doesn't it? >> saturday matters tremendously. the point is this was 1958 a month of a the cadets beat the midshipman 22-6 in philadelphia. johnny unites and the colts beat the giants in overtime in the greatest game ever played
3:40 am
and nfl went from a seasonal side show to a national past time of its own and the money became insane and the guys who went to army in 1958 for that season, those sort of football players stopped looking at the military academy it was the beginning of the end for service academy football. >> up until that day good football players wanted to play football there. >> none of these guys thought about where they were going to play professional football. after 'a 8 after that season that all changed. >> '58 talk about that season, record? >> army went 8 will-oo-1. last one ever to go undefeated. the last ever to be ranked number one. last ever to have a heisman controversy winner which they did in pete dawkins their half back and they beat navy. they beat rice who was a very good team. >> i see a time. >> they tied pittsburgh and mike ditka who was a sophomore then. fourth or fifth game of his college career and he was a force. and army, you know, went in
3:41 am
there with some injuries and got lucky and escaped with a tie. >> talk to us about the importance of the country of the army-navy football game. >> the importance of the country is especially in '58 and in the 40s when these pictures you have back here which are so nice. those teams were close to the country in a lot of ways in the sense that, you any, world war ii and the korean war were very fresh most people had served in one or both. so, you know, army-navy was not just, you know, a game by two schools had you nothing to do with. army navy was something that everybody in the country had something to do with. in addition to being two of the top teams in the country, there was also a game that was tremendously important to people for a lot of other reasons besides football. >> you point out in the book, they -- this team, the 58 team went ended up being rnked number three nationally. >> that's right. >> because they didn't want to play a championship game because it would be a distraction? >> that was one reason. the academy red blake, the
3:42 am
coach was seniority of on board with that decision because he was pretty tired by the end of the year. the academic demands on on cadets they felt they did enough in the regular season and if to a bowl game take extra time which was still a month of preparation. >> mark beach thank you very much. >> $20,000 for relief concert that's happening thanks to shameless school%. how much money lted victims actually see? can they be the best and worst part of the holidays? your in-laws dr. keith ablow has your tips ahead. [ male announcer ] you like who you are...
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>> all right. some quick headlines, the government may soon be spying on your driving. the national highway traffic safety administration is pushing automakers to include black boxes like the ones found in planes in all cars by september of 2014. the devices would know if you are speeding and if you are wearing a seat belt. that's great. after nearly 70 years at the bottom of lake michigan world war ii fighter plane be is recovered. fm 2 wild cat crashed after engine failure during training. it's now set to be restored and displayed in chicago. ainsley? >> thank you so much, eric. scalpers are raising both ticket prices and nerves after cashing in on benefit concert to help the hardest hit victims of hurricane sandy. going for 1 auto bucks for that sold out concert add madison square garden and now upwards of a $60. another listing $60,000.
3:47 am
any hope money made off of these scalped tickets will help those in need. jay white head welcome this morning. listen to all these numbers. even for tickets for there were not enough for you to guys to get access to these tickets. >> three points to remember here guys. remember the four trade rule for these high demand tickets, often they fall -- they go through four hands each time getting marked up before they end up in the person who sits in the seat. technology exists for it you force the person who by buys the ticket to sit in the seat they didn't use it in this case. >> should would he be upset by the fact that tickets sold out. they sold out through legitimate means quickly. we presumed that that face value ticket money will go to the victims of hurricane sandy. they are being marked up dramatically so these scalpers are making more money off of the tragedy. >> there is going to be profiteering unless you force people who buy the ticket to sit in the seat. they didn't use it in this case. but, remember, charity is hard
3:48 am
in this country. we have tingts for charity. 300 points of compliance to sell tickets nationally for charity. you have got -- there are 300 different points of regulation. we spent millions of tickets for charity on compliance engine. it's extraordinary. the people who put on this concert 12-12-12 concert legitimate folks. can you rest assured that as much as the proceeds as possible will go to sandy victims. >> jay, a lot of people are saying, all right. these scalpers still initially had to buy the tickets. percentage of that money will go it these tickets. why should they go sell tickets for someone who didn't want to stand in line who wasn't able to bit tickets immediately. if someone is willing to pay millions of dollars the hurricane victims have already made money off that original purchase. >> they have. here is the point here. at the time of the disaster is wromg time to build charity in your life. tickets for charity has turned
3:49 am
buying into giving. starbucks, td in the entertainment world all the major new york dolphins, they all have major foundations they make charity part of the value proposition behind their products. at tickets for charity you can go online and register as insider and learn how to build buying into your life and turn buying into giving. most companies are now doing that and realize it's part of the thing. making charity part of your life right at the time of a disaster is a little bit too late. >> i did read they were sold originally on ticket master and stub hub they decided to donate 25% of their profit. >> which is the after market. that is secondary market. >> right. stub hub makes 25%. 10% from one side. 15% on the other side of the trade. they will give all of their proceed. net proceeds to the robin hood foundation which is a local charity here in town. >> that's great. >> it will make it to sandy
3:50 am
victims. robin hood foundation has a great reputation. >> jay white head ceo of >> >> coming up on benghazi would be rejected if it were a novel. that's what one best selling author is saying. why brad thor thinks there is too many holes. >> help get along with i object laws. could help save your message. dr. keith ablow explains next. uh... oh ! the windows phone 8x by htc on verizon. it features easy to navigate live tiles that are simple to customize. just pin what matters most right to your homescreen.
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exclusively with data sense-- a feature that makes the most of you plan. only on verizon.
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3:53 am
>> where do you think you are going? nobody is leaving? nobody is walking out on this fun, old fashioned christmas.
3:54 am
we are all in this together this is a full blown four alarm holiday christmas here. >> clark, i think it's best if everyone goes home before everything gets worse. >> worse? how could they get any worse? take a look around you, ellen we are at the threshold of hell! [ laughter ] >> just like the grist griswolds hold day vacation. >> how you can enjoy with your in-laws. >> fox news medical a team is dr. keith ablow. >> hello dr. ablow. >> hello. >> what's so bad about having the in-laws around for the holidays? >> there is nothing so bad about it. although this study which goes back studdies started in the mid 80s and looking at 373 couples and basically finding this as a result of the study. women who are closer to their in-laws are more likely to get divorced 20% more likely.
3:55 am
men loiser to in-laws are 23% more likely to stay married. >> that's great news. >> the researchers theory rise women tend to seat connectedness as intrusive meddling whereas men feel warned. >> if you are woman you shouldn't get close to in-laws and if you are a man you should? is that what you are saying. >> what i am selling you can't draw many conclusions by this particular study going off the fiscal cliff should lead to some nih funds. studying marriage and finding out that men should get closer to in-laws and women should keep their distance. what should do you with that? i will tell you what you should do with it have boundaries whether you are a man or a woman so that your nuclear family is really your focus. you don't want your wife to feel undermined and you don't want your wife to feel
3:56 am
undermined if you are a husband. same thing. >> i think it's telling. >> that's telling. >> i like to connect with the ladies that way. but my wife, you know, my wife is closer to my mom and dad than we are more likely to get divorced. what are we saying? is it because my mom will spill the beans about me if she gets too close to them? >> if you are to take any guidance from this study lead researcher listen out of the university of michigan. listen, maybe the thing to do is to keep a firm boundaries so that if you get signs that your mom, for instance, is giving too much advice to your wife. that closeness is end tending toward the negative tell her back off, mom. let us make these decisions. men don't seem to be sensitive to that get feedback and say
3:57 am
thank you, i'm going to do this. women may hold a grudge. the study is suggesting. i'm not saying that. >> men are empty vessels we need all the help we can get. there is something to be said with this study. i will look deeply into it. >> speak for yourself. >> there is something to be said for the study. the other thing to be said. we have to look at the nih and find out why are we paying for this stuff? my tax dollars went to this stuff. >> we have got to go but it's a great topic. take care. >> will. >> shrimp on a treadmill. more "fox & friends" in two minutes. >> take care. but when i was in an accident... i was worried the health care system spoke a language all its own with unitedhealthcare, i got help that fit my life. so i never missed a beat. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare.
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4:01 am
>> plus, is he behind on his child support. so one judge ordered this father of nine to stop having kids just stop having kids. but is that fair? is that allowed? can they do that? a little bit like china, perhaps. "fox & friends" hour two starts right now. >> ainsley was singing. i can't help but sing that. they actually -- they have a band. the lady's voice i saw her. >> the "fox & friends" band? >> yes. >> really? >> i was standing in the audience and another girl that i worked with she said you know she sings the "fox & friends" ballad. >> really? >> i met her. >> go on tickets. i will go on stub hub for that that's ainsley air earhardt in for alisyn. >> in for dave briggs. fiscal cliff. just a few days left. if you count christmas. only a few weeckets and got the christmas break so
4:02 am
congress better get its act together what we're going to do. the president says the wealthy. all target on the wealthy listen to the president. >> if we are serious about paying deficit while still investing in education and research that are important to growing our economy and if we are serious about protecting middle class families then we are going to have to ask the wettiest americans to pay higher tax rates. that's one principle i won't compromise on. >> higher tax rate, of course, at issue and whether or not as republicans had hoped they could just close loopholes and tax deductions and that could. >> he keep say the wealthiest americans but $250,000 that's not the wealthest of america. >> right. so there was some word during the campaign when joe biden let slip that $1 million would be the threshold for which they would begin to tax the wealthest americans. marco rubio on a saturday morning addressed as well. they are going after each other. senator marco rubio and
4:03 am
president obama in these dueling addresses. >> we must get the national debt under control. taxes will not solve our 16 trillion-dollar debt. only economic growth and form of entitlement programs will control the debt. woe must reform the job killing tax code by getting rid of unjustified loopholes. our goals should be to generate new revenue by creating new taxpayers not new taxes. >> let's talk about that for eakd is. president obama said we have to make the wealthest americans pay more taxes to help our debt. that number happens to be, if you do the president's plan, the raising the income rates levels on the wealthest americans from 36% to 39.6%. that number comes out to about $83 billion. about 8 or 9 days worth of funding the government. so that clearly won't fix the trillion-dollar problem per year that we have. so it's a little disingenuous.
4:04 am
marco rubio is right. he hit on the one world that can do something to solve the problem. growth. the only bay we bail america out without going over the fiscal cliff. the only other way is to bring growth back into the economy. 1 and a half to 2% growth will never fix the problem. we need 3, 4, or 5% growth. one more thing, ronald reagan coming out of recession had 8% growth rate. >> so the debate right now whether or not we would go back to that 39.6% tax rate on the wealthiest americans. however, there are some signs right now that it may not go as high as the clinton era tax rates on the wealthest americans. but also cuts. that's another big issue, right? not just the growth but the cuts in spending. that's what republicans want. we need to fix this debt problem. that's what marco rubio. american dream his parents obtained will go away because there won't be a country left for our young americans to inhabit. take a listen. helping people make it into
4:05 am
the middle class is a personal issue for me. my parents worked in the service industry. and almost any other nation on earth their jobs would barely provide for daily living much less a better future. but in america, my parents made it to the middle class. today the journey my parents made from poor immigrants to middle class it's harder than it was in their time because the world has changed. the economy has changed. but whether or not the journey my parents made is still possible to all who are willing to work for it, that will decide whether america will decline or whether america will remain exceptional. >> the last hour i pointed this out. used that analogy of the car barreling down the road at 100 miles per hour that's american debt. really risking the future take left fork and run over your children. marco unionio talks about it will we have the that we were afforded that he was afforded
4:06 am
or on the right fiscal live cliff. you will continue to take your kids out. take your families out. future out or medicine go over the cliff. >> your point about growth catch-22. they want to raise taxes on the wealthy. but the wealthy are the ones that have these small businesses or have businesses. a corporate america. but they are not hiring. they are cutting back because they know their taxes are about to increase. so you can't have growth if the tax is increased. whereas mitt romney was running on and marco rubio points this out saying if we have growth. if we don't increase taxes but we allow for more jobs, if we allow these small businesses to hire more people, then you have more people that are at ing -- paying taxes and that solves your problems. >> new jobs numbers out friday that had missing information in it. more on that come up. first with super storm sandy brought devastation to some people up and down the east coast on top of the lives that it destroyed it will cost tens
4:07 am
of billions of dollars to recover from this storm. look at these images. new the president asking congress for of $0 billion to help in this cleanup. peter doocy is live in washington very latest. $60 billion is a tall order, peter. >> it is but, clayton, new york governor andrew cuomo a democrat and new jersey governor chris christie a republic originally told the white house they wanted $79 billion just for new york and new jersey. the white house instead asked congress for this $60.4 billion. the white house office of management and budget sent a letter to speaker of the house john boehner to say that this $60.4 billion would be, quote: funds necessary to finance a needed recovery effort and to help the region prepare for future challenges, including future storms, severe storms and coastal flooding as well as impact associated with a changing climate. governor cuomo and governor
4:08 am
christie thanked president obama for all this money in a statement, this pledged money and the senators from their states chuck schumer, frank lautenberg, kristen gillibrand all democrats said this $60.4 billion is a good start but they acknowledged that congress has other things on its plate and this money is not all guaranteed. some members they think might push for some spending cuts to offset all this new spending. they said, quote: this is going to be a tough fight in the congress given the fiscal cliff. some members have not been friendly to disaster relief. but the care with which the package has been put together has given us a good head start. although that head start not good enough for at least one republican member of congress frank says governor christie made a responsible request federal aid based on careful comprehensive analysis of new jersey's needs having seen the devastation firsthand in my district during his visit.
4:09 am
i'm disappointed president obama has come to a different conclusion. we should not short change nor add strings to the support residence, businesses and communities in my district and across the region desperately need and at least 125 people were killed by super storm sandy. right now the u.s. government saying sandy is on track to be the second or third costliest natural disaster ever behind hurricane katrina and close to hurricane andrew in 1992. clayton? >> peter doocy live from d.c. >> now for your headlines might be the biggest arrest related to that terror attack in benghazi. mohammed adual has been detained in egypt. many believe he is the leader of the new wing of al qaeda smed meanwhile secretary of state hillary clinton agreeing to testify about benghazi attack in an open hearing. house foreign relations committee chair woman ileana
4:10 am
ross laytonnen says she will testify before the end of the year but no date has been set. two australian shock jobs have gone off othe air indefinitely now after their prank involving kate middleton took a tragic turn. i don't know if you have heard about this. but a nurse at the hospital where the duchess was being treated she was found dead on friday after reportedly killing herself. she was duped by the djs into believing that queen elizabeth was on the phone asking for kate. they sent that prank call to kate's bench nurse. prince william and kate released a statement saying they were saddened by this news. ceremonies were held around the country yesterday to mark the 7 a anniversary of the pearl harbor attack. >> survivors, service members and families gathering in honolulu for that ceremony. a moment of silence was held and ships lined with crew members passed by the harbor.
4:11 am
and in washington, dozens gathered at the world war ii memorial for a wreath laying ceremony. president obama called for flags to fly at half-staff in honor of the men and women who died on that fateful day. those are your headlines. >> i always think about my grandfather they told us so many stories about fighting in world war ii growing up. >> i had extended family who were in hawaii a short time ago who were veterans who were at pearl harbor managed to sleep in on that sunday morning and missed it by about an hour. >> i was name and my son is named after my uncle eric bolling shot down south pacific. body never found. everyone has a tie to that generation. >> he is proud you are carrying on his name. >> yes, sir. >> take a look at your northern plains, still warm across parts of the south.
4:12 am
southeast is going to be well above your averages. that's to the south of this front. to the north of it just have scattered showers, scattered snow showers across parts of michigan and heading in towards canada. it's going to be mostly rain at least for now though across areas of the ohio valley northeast two or three days. developing system across the northern rockies. doesn't look like. now. measurable and plowable snow across minnesota by the time we get towards sunday afternoon. we do have blizzard warnings in effect. we will be very windy across parts of the dakotas. heaviest of the snow storm warning across wisconsin. some areas may be 6 to 2 inches of snow accumulating. we need snow here. we have hardly had any. it's not going to be that far south. we will particular anything we can get. most areas seeing deficits in the snow. we the snow pack the drought start to get if there and colder air coming in as well.
4:13 am
guys? >> thank you, rick. >> for the record ainsley just said we need snow? >> colorado ski slopes we don't need it here in new york. try to avoid that. >> administration's story on benghazi. what has been rejected by publishers if it were a novel? that's what one best selling author says why brad thor you know him and you love him. you have read his books. why he thinks there is too many holes even for fiction. >> remember those chrysler workers caught drinking and going ba to work and make cars, yours cars, our cars? they just got their jobs back. [ female announcer ] beef, meet flavor boost. flavor boost, meet beef. it's swanson flavor boost. concentrated broth to add delicious flavor to your skillet dish in just one stir. mmm!
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4:16 am
>> well it's too kooky even for fiction that's what best
4:17 am
selling author brad thor says white house story on benghazi. he says he would be thrown out of his editor's office if he submitted it. >> new book out called blacklist and brad thor joins us this morning. brad, great to see you this morning. >> great to see you both as well. thanks for having me. >> read your book foreign influence most recently i think about a year agoened i think it follows a navy seal turned covert operative. the story has a lot of twists and turns but the narrative is there you say this benghazi store if you were going to craft a story ripped from the headlines you would be thrown out of your publisher's office, why? >> well, at least with the benghazi story i would because there are so many holes in this particular story. out of all the dates that are dangerous for americans to be traveling anywhere in the islamic world i would suggest to you that 9/11 is probably right at the top, if not, you know, you could switch it maybe with bin laden's death now. so this -- the biggest story i have got here is i have talked to men and women i know in the
4:18 am
diplomatic community and intelligence community and they have all said to me why was ambassador stevens going to benghazi which is highly dangerous of all places on 9/11, knowing that the red crescent, the vatican red cross had been attacked there in may that the british ambassador had been attacked in june and two weeks before 9/11 the state department put out a travel warning to libya. so, what was so important that chris stevens had to be in benghazi and risk not only his life but the lives of other people on that day? why not that day be at the embassy in trip there? tripoli. that's what makes sense. the minute our embassy in cairo came under attack, chris stevens, other ambassadors around the world would have been notified of this. chris stevens chose to stay in benghazi, knowing that his embassy in tripoli might have come under attack as well. why didn't he leave benghazi and go back to tripoli? he is supposed to be a very very bright, very talented ambassador who knew the area.
4:19 am
so this doesn't make sense to me that he remained in benghazi. >> brad for someone who has written countless military novels, this is a red flag for you? i guess when you write your novels you have to sit down with the experts and say all right, would this make sense? would this actually really happen? when you heard about this you thought i can't believe this is actually happening. is that what happened? >> absolutely. when i looked at this i reached out to people that i knew and said does this make sense to you? they said no, absolutely not. the question i keep coming book if and when hillary clinton gets finally testifies on this she needs to be asked very purposeful. very specific questions. what was stevens doing there? when did you talk to him? when did the state department let him know about the embassy in cairo being under attack? why didn't he leave? if these guys were there at the consulate in benghazi to kill him, why didn't they bring mortars there. why not shell the heck out of the consulate concrete buildings and kill them. why do you light concrete
4:20 am
buildings on fire with gasoline. you north going to burn them down. but maybe they were trying to smoke them out. maybe the intent was to take chris stevens hostage and if that was the thing they wanted to do why were? were they hoping to trade him for somebody else? there is question after question after question. it comes down it to why was chris stevens risking his life and the life of other americans we lost four americans that day in benghazi. why was he there? >> interesting stuff. brad thor the author of the new book "blacklist," out now. karl rove told me brad when he worked in the white house he couldn't believe the stuff that brad knew. what sources did brad have? nice to see you, brad. >> nice to see you as well. >> nice to see you. landmark legislation in michigan that change the face of unions forever. michigan can soon be a right-to-work state. will others follow? not the only one hit by obama care. fido being forced to pay up,
4:21 am
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>> welcome back. you know what that music means time for music by the numbers. first up 46 cents. that's how much the congressional budget office says the u.s. borrowed for every dollar spent. the new fiscal year. it just started in october 1st. the country nearly $300 billion in the hole for 2013. next up, 95. that's how many jobs are being cut at the companies that make the iconic gold plated oscar
4:25 am
statues. being bought out. some workers may be rehired. 13 fiat unveiling 13-foot tall monster truck. combined panda subcontact car and a jeep floor panel. >> tires are bigger than the car. >> unfortunately created for a comernl and isn't for sale. can i see you driving that ainsley. >> i have driven the little one with real tires. >> eric wouldn't fit in that thing. >> no, he wouldn't. >> i would need ainsley to give me a leg up. >> oh. gladly. >> all right. michigan g.o.p. approves the right-to-work legislation amid protests. this move stops unions from collecting fees from nonunion employees. here is what michigan governor rick snyder had to say. >> it's all about being pro-worker. we have hard-working people in michigan it's been to give them the freedom to choose. they should be be able to choose whether to join a union or not. this is about the relationship between a union and workers. not about employers and
4:26 am
unions. not about collective bargaining. this is solely focused on their relationship. shouldn't people have the opportunity to say they want to belong or not? >> michigan could soon be a right-to-work state. will others follow? joining us now is uaw member and spokesman for the michigan freedom-to-work coalition brian penebaker. you are a line worker right now, correct? >> that's right i'm assembly worker at the sterling axle plant in sterling heights. >> tell us what your reaction is to governor snyder's willingness, desire and push to make michigan a right-to-work state? >> well, what he said is exactly true. up until now, workers in michigan, if you hire in at a shop that has union representation, you were forced to become a member of the union. but about 35 or 40% of the workers are conservatives that vote republican and they don't agree with all the union's political activities so we
4:27 am
have always wanted our ability to not join the union and not be forced to pay dues. and now we are going to have that opportunity once right-to-work is signed into law. it's a great opportunity for the workers in michigan. >> very good opportunity because frankly a lot of car companies that wanted to come over and do business in america saw michigan as a place that was too expensive, too onerous with the unions so they went to other right-to-work states; is that right? >> exactly. i hired in -- actually i have worked for two of the big three domestic automakers and i hired in 1978 with chrysler corporation. and in 1979, the uaw membership reached a peek of 1.9 million members that they represented here in the midwest primarily. since then they have dropped down to below 400,000. that a lot of that is due to the labor cost that the uaw has forced on the automakers so the automakers have either relocated into southern right-to-work states or moved
4:28 am
out of the midwest. we're hoping to get some of that manufacturing back into the midwest and michigan specifically. i think right-to-work will help do that. >> interesting how it works. you pointed out if you wanted to become an auto worker in the state of michigan you were required to pay dues. correct me if i am wrong, doesn't the state of michigan automatically collect the dues so the state gets involved in it? >> that's for government workers. there are two types of unions, government workers, government workers that represent government and private unions. two different things. two sets of bills moving through the legislature right now. and i would like to thank senator pat coal back and mike shureky for having the courage to write those bills and push them to this point so that they could be introduced and signed by governor snyder. they have done a great job and it's a great day, great time
4:29 am
in michigan history. >> and, brian, let's talk a little bit about this. you are a ford uaw employee, right? >> i'm a ford employee. i'm forced to be a uaw member. >> well, going forward, if had you a chance to remove yourself from the uaw if mr. snyder or when mr. snyder signs the legislation into law, will you be able to remove yourself from the uaw moniker? >> i will be able to. i personally will not though. i will continue to pay union dues even after i have the right to resign from the union and stop paying union dues. i feel personally as long as i'm receiving the benefits of a collective bargaining agreement that's been negotiated by the uaw i will continue to pay my dues. that's my personal decision. other workers may not agree. they may want to resign from the union. like i said there is 35 or 40% of the union membership that
4:30 am
are conservative and vote republican. they really resent the liberal political activities and the support that the unions give to liberal democrat candidates. they almost exclusively donate to democrats. and a lot of the guys don't like that and they don't appreciate that. they may choose not to pay their union die dues if the unions don't change their political activities after right-to-work comes into law. >> good portion of america watching michigan right now. thank goodness it's about time that michigan gets with the times. if you want to do business in america you have to make it less onerous. make it easier and better for people to come here and do business. there are those who say the uaw that auto bailout that president obama and president bush too to a certain extent but president obama spent $80 billion is one of thingts that changed business in america for maybe permanently. >> i'm proud to work at ford motor company. we did not participate in that
4:31 am
bailout. >> no, sir i understand that completely. and a hat tip to alan who didn't take bailout money. >> absolutely. >> the uaw was ingratiated to the tune of $4 billion taxpayer dollars with the chrysler, g.m. bailout. >> you are exactly right. the 40% of my co-workers who are conservative did not agree with that they felt that the market should decide whether a company survives or fails and they did not want the government bailing the auto companies out. luckily, ford didn't have to ask for a bailout and a lot of the car buyers are appreciate that and our market share hafers gone way up against then. >> got to leave it there. great guest brian. >> thank you for having me. >> no jersey shore. >> our motto around here is whatever happens happens. [ laughter ] >> and mtv's newest show buck wild stirring up controversy and it hasn't even officially
4:32 am
aired yet. why senator joe wants it cancelled and americans are struggling to find jobs while the government is only getting bigger. so, do government jobs really help the economy grow? right back. begin. tomato, obviously. haha. there's more than that though, there's a kick to it. wahlalalalallala! smooth, but crisp. it's kind of like drinking a food that's a drink, or a drink that's a food, woooooh! [ male announcer ] taste it and describe the indescribable. could've had a v8. i tell them dentures are very different to real teeth. they're about 10 times softer and may have surface pores where bacteria can grow and multiply. polident is specifically designed to clean dentures daily. its unique micro-clean formula kills 99.9% of odor causing bacteria
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4:36 am
>> hey, some good news. the unemployment rate has fallen to lowest level in nearly four years. [cheers and applause] the bad news, most of those jobs wearing a red suit, a beard and having a kid pee in your lap. [ laughter ] >> correct. >> you have a son. you remember that? >> [ laughter ] >> was he a screamer when he sat in santa's lap? did he cry. >> no, he is a good kid. >> my son gets scared. showing him picture first sitting on santa's lap to this year he said i was sad. caught a photo before he was about to scream and cry. >> santa's breath. [ laughter ] >> needed an al today. welcome back to the show. >> let's talk about some big government. because, you know, we saw these jobs numbers come ow
4:37 am
but, while the americans continue to struggle to find work. the government is continuing to grow at a clip. 73% of all jobs created last five months are government jobs. the question is, does government create jobs? well, i guess they do create jobs. >> for themselves. not necessarily the kind of private sector jobs that you would hope they would be able to create. >> imagine if that were the private sector. government doesn't create jobs. it has to get out of way in order to foss are growth. >> you know why that number is so bad. 850,000 jobs created over the last five months. 620,000 were government jobs. who pays for the government jobs in the taxpayer pays for the government jobs. the private sector who makes and creates jobs and creates income pays taxes. all that money goes into the pool to pay the government workers. that means for every one person that got a job, pulling the cart they put three people riding inside the cart.
4:38 am
america can't continue on that. that will be too many people in the cart and not enough pulling the cart. >> not only is the government asking for higher taxes they are spending at a record rate and they are hiring more people. >> this is the post office problem. microcosm of that is the post office. the private sector which could do it much more officially. fedex. the post office outsources to fedex and u.p.s. burdened by the post office unions. have all sorts of problems. they are bankrupt. trying to cut back on hours, maybe saturday and yet we keep funneling more money into the post office. you are feeding something that's not working. does it make sense? >> can we point something out? 7.7% the lowest level in mane four or five years unemployment in america, 3.8% if you are a government employee. 3.8% unemployment rate. more than fully employed if you work for the government. if you don't, we have got a lot of work to do. >> that's interesting. fow for your head lynns this morning. 10s of thousands storming
4:39 am
egypt's presidential palace. [shouting] >> protesters are pushing through barb wire fences. outraged about him trying to expand his powers. voting on controversial constitution drafted by islamists. -- egypt's military this morning warning of quote disastrous consequences if these clashes continue. obama care tax hikes aren't going to just effect your medical bills. they might effect your pets as well. a new rule from the irs shows some medical devices used by vets will be hit by obama care's 2.3% device tax. that likely means higher vet costs because manufacturers will be raising prices. the tax applies to any device that is used for both people and for the pets. i'm trying to read this and look at these little animals. they are so cute. pet owners already spend more
4:40 am
than $12 billion a year on vet care. let me tell you i do know that it's expensive to have animals. but they are so worth it. one new mtv show hasn't aired yet and already angered a member of the senate. >> our motto around here is whatever happens, happens. [ laughter ] >> oh my goodness. you are looking at a trailer for mtv's new show you would buck wire set to air on january 3rd. follows a group of young adults from west virginia much like the jersey shore did in new jersey. now a west virginia senator is trying to get it canned. democrat joe manchin has commission of the ftv instead of showing the beauty of west virginia it shows ugly and inaccurate stereotype. >> i used to live in blue field west virginia i didn't see any of the types of people in that show. they highlight or cast these ridiculous stereotypes for that shore and it's absurd.
4:41 am
one kid in the promo saying i don't know what that facebook stuff is and imr use that stuff. play up the being sent sand stereotypes pim bill this is entertainment, right? >> lick- >> i rick was a huge fan of snooki on the jersey shore. >> about four or five years ago we sat on the same show when jersey shore was coming out having the exact same conservation. >> do i remember that. >> after this additional pr that the show is getting guarantee it's on. >> it makes us all fell better about our own lives. i felt my life was a train wreck but maybe it not when you watch theirs. >> that's exactly hue it is. people wondering what west virginia is like now that's what they will think rae like. >> for west virginia. you will be be rainy for the next couple of days. getth get ready. drovely to will ming.
4:42 am
here are your temps waking up. looking good. above average. cool across the northern plains. gte ready because it's abouting to gold tomorrow. very cold air starts to prove in. see some ask the terror attack shower was from time to time. nice break for a lot of people. well above your average. many scattered shares making it buy naacp towards l.s.u. ends mississippi. the snow you see across the dakotas will be moving in tonight and tomorrow. you will be waking up to snowy conditions tomorrow. by the time it's done tomorrow. some spots are going to see 6 to 12 inches of snow across mostly minnesota. blizzard like conditions are very windy across the dakotas with 3 to 6 inches of snow accumulating and that's 45 you see there in scottsbluff. tomorrow your highs are going to be into the maybe the upper teens. much colder air moving in. out across the west. see plenty of sunshine in the southwest.
4:43 am
temps a little bit cooler. phoenix at 74 and snow across the central rockies so great news for those ski areas and ainsley you might say you don't want snow but we need snow. we need snow pack. that's how a the love the farms eventually get some of their good moisture that they need for some of the planting. we been in such a grout northern plains they didn't have snow last winter we need know this winter even did you don't like it we need to get it. >> i didn't mean that for your poor family roomers. >> and in new york. ainsley is so offensive. let's moving along on the show and tell you what's coming up. sures shias ensyria may use potent nerve gas to kill its own people and is it a threat to americans as well? dr. mark seagull is here with the answers on that. >> he is behind on his child support. so one judge ordered this father of nine to stop having
4:44 am
kids. is this fair in the debate straight ahead. [ female announcer ] if you care for seone with mild to moderate alzheimer's, you'll also care about our new offer. you get access to nurses who can help with your quesons. and your loved one can ge exelon patch free for 30 days. if the doctor feels it's right for them. it cannochange how the diase progresses. hospitalization and rarely ath have been reported in patients who wore more than one patch at a time. the most common side effects of exelon patch are nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. the likelihood and severity of these side effects
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4:47 am
get started at today. and now you're protected. sources inside syria claim forces loyal to the embattled president bashar assad might use a potent nerve gas to poison its own people. but what is saran? and could it be a threat to america as well? let's ask our expert dr. mark seagull a practicing internist associate professor of medicine at ny everywhere u and part of our medical a team. >> good to see you today. >> tell me about saran, how dangerous is this. >> before i scare people and i want you to scare people back in 1988 when saran gas was used to kill 5,000 kurds by saddam hussein there was a lot more damage done by the panic, by the the fever, by people fleeing. number one thing you would ever do if you got near saran would be to try to maintain
4:48 am
calm which is very hard to do. it's an odorless colorless gas a nerve gas. it works like insecticide does but extremely more powerful than that. it prevents your body from breaking down the chemicals that allow to you transmit nerves so your muscles can't relax. they start to fire. you get short of breath. you get runny nose. >> you get chest pain eventually you convulse and suffocate. it happens within about a minute after exposure. there is an antidote called atropine you would have to have it it on hand. >> should would he be fearful as americans? >> i don't think so. in america the biggest chance you are going to see of this ever happening would be a terrorist threat. something in a subway that would lead again to more panic. in 1995 in tokyo 12 people died but thousands got injured trying to escape the subway. a i'm much more concerned about panic. clearly we can't have at tri mean on hand for something like this. if you ever got near, this you try breathe fresh air. you would try to get your
4:49 am
clothes off right away and wash, wash off. the biggest problem is that it spreads through clothes. >> how do you know if you are affected though you are going to die as soon as you are affected been a minute and odorless, can't smell it and. >> you would have to know it's in the air. you couldn't tell by some characteristic smell. once you start with a runny nose and chest pain it progresses very very fast after that. >> almost a blessing in disguise that it just take as minute because it sounds very painful and sounds awful. >> ainsley one thing about that is if it doesn't affect you and it's not deadly the chances are that you would fully recover. that's for sure. so that is one good thing about it but, again, the dirchts here, here it would be as a terrorist threat which is a risk of fear. there, i'm really worried about the civilian population. >> dr. seagull, thanks for that information. good to see you this morning. a judge ordering this man to stop having children because he can't afford to support the nine that he already has. can this judge do that? arthur and joey are going to way. in that debate will be heated i'm sure. coming up next.
4:50 am
remember these guys? chrysler workers caught drinking on the job and then going back to make all of our cars? well, they just got their cars back? how did that happen? ♪ the weather outside is frightful ♪ ♪ but the fire is so delightful ♪ nothing melts away the cold like a hot, delicious bowl of chicken noodle soup from campbell's. ♪ let it snow, let it snow
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4:53 am
>> this isn't a controversial story i'm sure. a wisconsin man ordered to stop having children. there he is. cory curtis, a father of nine kids. he owes nearly $100,000 in back child support. so judge tim boil ordered that the deadbeat dad had to stop procreating until he could prove that he could take care of the other kids.
4:54 am
county courts really prevent someone have from having children? joining us from fair and balanced debate arthur aidala and joey jackson. i said this sounded a little bit like china. something they would impose in china, am i wrong, arthur. >> no, you are not totally wrong because they do have restri like that in china. here is the common sense call argument here. this argument is this guy is kicking out kids, boom boom boom. he doesn't pay money for any of them. they become wards of the state we all have constitutional rights, right? there are certain hurdles or restrictions on that like the second amendment and gun. everybody can't walk around carrying a gun like freedom of speech you can't run to a movie theater and yell fire. the judge isn't saying forever you can't have children. is he saying until you figure out how to take care of these nine, you can't have any other kids. >> so what's wrong with that joey? $100,000 in back taxes. >> we hold these truths to be l.
4:55 am
>> and baby food and diapers. >> has anyone thomas jefferson this is about individual rights. individual liberty. it's about freedom. it's about the government intervening and interfering and telling what you to do. this is in the tallest order a violation of rights. it is a constitutional wrong. >> who is taking care of the children. i'm for the children. forget the other dude who has got probably a very checkered history to have the moral fiber to say i'm going to have a child after child. six moms, nine kids, $100,000. >> i'm for the children, also. that's why children have to be protected and children's liberty interests have to be looked after also. >> by the taxpayer? now the taxpayers are footing the bill to take care of the kids that he is not. >> here is the reality. the relate is that there are less intrusive things the government can do. order him to work. order him to get another job. order him to jail. order him to do other things.
4:56 am
>> you just said it no matter how much -- forget about it vasectomy he can order him into jail. he is in arrears, is he in civil contempt go to jail. want to make sure is he not going to procreate, some procreation may be happening in jail but it ain't the kind where kids are coming out. [ laughter ] >> the reality is at the end of the day a person should not be impeded by the government from pursuing the things they want to do in life and to the extent. >> what if your pursuit of happiness is wrecking other people's lives? how do you think those nine kids? >> not wreck their lives because they have mothers. mothers further uted us and protect us and support us. >> six different moms. >> they do. let me just say, this thank you, guys, joey, arthur can we put up his picture on the screen again, please? >> handsome guy. >> because, ladies out there, take a look at this guy. avoid him. all right? don't become the 7th mom of this guy's kids. all right, kids. let me know how you feel about
4:57 am
this story respond to me at twitter. more "fox & friends" coming up. weeks away from going over that fiscal cliff. has president obama done enough to bridge the gap? governor mike huckabee weighing in on that at the top of the hour there he is. what fiscal cliff? congress apparently would rather talk about elvis. frankly, i would, too. tell you that story coming up. ♪ everybody let's rock. r stayin? yep. the longer you stay with us, the more you save. and when you switch from another company to us, we even reward you for the time you spent there. genius. yeah, genius. you guys must have your own loyalty program, right? well, we have something. show her, tom. huh? you should see november! oh, yeah? giving you more. now that's progressive. call or click today.
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5:00 am
5:01 am
and he has already killed tens of thousands bashar assad is ramping up chemical arsenal. dick cheney says the white house doesn't care. >> the president can make bold statements and bold talk as he did in the last couple of days about developments in syria. but i don't think they care. >> more from the former v.p. coming up. >> plus, it's the most watched video on the internet and set to perform for the president. wait until you hear what he said about our soldiers gangnam style. >> "fox & friends" hour three starts right now. >> >> welcome into "fox & friends" on this saturday morning. have you guys done your christmas shopping yet?
5:02 am
>> is it christmas eve all already? >> it's almost. coming up in a little bit. i will will show you great gadget for the kids and the teens to buy this year including. this take a look at in this is the spero ball. control this, everyone in the studio is going what in the world is that? you control it with the ipad and scare the dogs and kids love it. >> i hate that. >> my dog would go nuts. >> it's great to scare studio crew, too. i will go over and get mike huckabee with this in just a cond here. more on the gadgets that's the spiro floor. >> if you get up in the middle of the night you will step on that and slip. >> skirt kids with it people have fun. >> now for the rest of your headlines this morning. that's not run of them, right? that spiro ball. >> no. >> fox news alert. huge blow to al qaeda. one of their top officials has reportedly been killed. aboo za heed al kuwaity died in the drone strike in pakistan. terror group calling him a martyr.
5:03 am
he was seen as potential successor is. two australian shock jocks have gone off the air after their prank involving kate middleton took tawsh. nurse was found dead on friday she reportedly killed herself. duped by the dj's into believing that queen elizabeth was on the phone for kate. she sent that prank call to kate wants nurse. prince william and kate say they were very saddened by the news. >> new reports in this morning obama administration might sue the state recently passed initiative decriminalize the recreational use of pot. still illegal under federal law. options for the preventing the state from regulating and taxing marijuana or cutting off federal cash. and forget about the fiscal cliff. some members of congress well, they are focusing on the king. ♪ return to sender
5:04 am
♪ address unknown >> 10 lawmakers pushing for a resolution to make january 8th elvis presley day. that's the king of rock and roll's birthday. democratic north carolina congressman larry kissel introduced this resolution. he said that elvis should be recognized for his impact on our nation. kissel was redefeated for election last month. >> redefeated. >> redefeated. >> never know. take a look at the first alert forecast. >> what does that mean. >> he was defeated and redeeted. >> successful at being defeated. dense fog this morning again at areas around baltimore. down across pars of virginia and north carolina and south carolina and parts of florida. heading down i-95. be very careful. could see some of that patchy fog come up on you very quickly. also extending across i 10.
5:05 am
texas. i 10 of texas. anywhere aacross here we could be seeing some of those problems. we see some of those pileups with cars on the roads. some rain showers that we're going to deal with again today. kind of a gloomy day across much of new england in across parts of the ohio valley. really lots of areas around the atlantic states room iny conditions things looking all right now. spin right here across parts of montana. that's going to be the next system. dive down across areas of the central rockies. see significant snow developing here. take a look at the future radar. heaviest of the snow is going to be across parts of the dakotas and minute society and wisconsin. it's also going to be windy and we continue to see the rain across parts of the east. your weekend kind of a washout unfortunately. the moisture whirlwind tour for this buck lately, dear chandler, dear scar lead, brand new book and the
5:06 am
governor is here with us. good to see you. >> how are those little ones doing? >> they are doing great. i think they would love that little eyeball. that's what it looks like clayton is playing with. never get it away from him. >> give it your kids. >> let's talk about this here, governor, only a few days left before this christmas break right now. congress this morning a.a% approval rating through -- 5.5% approval rating. the president trying to bridge this gap, trying to talk with congress and come to some sort of an agreement. it appears if you are listening to speaker boehner they have walked away. the president is slow walking speaker boehner's terminology. waiting until the end of the month. what is the president going to do and do you think that's accurate? >> it appears he wants it to go every 00 cliff. the fact is if you really are serious about negotiating. you sit down and talk with a person. you don't talk about a person out of their presence. this president has gone to toy factories. he goes on twitter. he goes on television. he makes comments about
5:07 am
people. you can't negotiate in the front page of a paper. and every mayor, every governor, and every president is going to understand that you can't do that. i think one of two things. he is either the most inept chief executive when it comes to negotiating or he actually wants this thing to fall apart for political reasons. >> governor, there are some that would say john boehner's negotiating stance could be almost equally as inept as president obama's. he turned over $800 billion in spending. that's the opening offered from boehner camp? >> well, here is the thing. >> president. >> in tax increases. >> the president has to call the meeting. you can't have the speaker doing that that's the executive's job. the president hasn't had those meetings. he should be having one every day. what he should have done is to have had some quiet meetings, bring some republicans in and ask them to sponsor something. ask them to get their names on it. make something that everyone could live with you about frankly nobody would probably like and as far as what
5:08 am
boehner put on the table, i think it was a good faith effort but it was rebuffed with geithner coming back saying no, 800 isn't enough. we want 1.6 trillion. >> as a conservative, where should this go? we are here obviously some tea party conservatives upset to eric's point about the way in which maybe the party is going. you have eric cantor, you have paul ryan even signing off on that $800 billion in tax increases. speaker boehner has removed somemaybe farther of the committees pulling them off. flexing some of his power saying we need to push this deal through. we need maybe to have tax increases. as a conservative does that bother you? >> it does to a point. let's face it the republicans can't get everything they want. they don't own the other two pieces of government. if they had the white house and the senate then they could get everything they want. they have one out of three. they're not going to get everything they want. what they have to recognize they have been fighting for not having the tax rates go up
5:09 am
but letting the rev now go up through closing of loopholes and have reforms to change the way taxes are structured. what obama keeps insisting on is raising rates and raising it on people. for example, if you live in the silicon valley. $250,000 gives you the same lifestyle that $60,000 does in fort smith, arkansas. if you live in manhattan you have got to make $561,000 to have the same lifestyle that a person living in texas would have making $220,000. there is no accommodation for the geography and item moggography that exists when it comes to money. >> tim geithner presented the republican's plan and no spending cuts. they started at zero, feasibly. the republicans came back and boehner says we will do 800 billion in tax increases. what signal does that tell the president? it tells him he has got the
5:10 am
upper hand in a lot of leeway going in his direction, does it not? >> it may not have been the greatest move on boehner's part. i think boehner honestly was trying to play a re legitimate honest broker's role saying we are not thinking we will get everything we want. we will put something on the table. what are you going to put? almost like going to the car dealer and you see the sticker price and the dealer finally says i will tell you what you can pay the sticker price plus 20% on top of that and maybe i will sell you the car but i might even put tires on it but i'm not sure until we make the deal. that's what he is doing. it's a sucker punch and just really to me indications again it's either absolute amateurish negotiating. he needs to take some lessons from william shatner or his other option is that he is just playing raw politics with, this he wants it to fail because then he thinks he can blame republicans. i'm going to tell you what he doesn't understand when the economy goes sour, he owns it,
5:11 am
it's his. he can't blame george bush on this one. >> syria, dick cheney says the president doesn't care how handled poorly. he is concerned about our allies and what this looks like for the u.s. listen to this. >> source of significant grief, certainly for this city and for all americans on 9/11. faced with a very real spots specht that an area of the world that has spawned terrorists by the thousands, some who have come to the united states and killed americans are back in business. our allies no longer trust us or have confidence in us. our adversaries no longer fear us and the president to make bold statements and bold talk as he did in the last couple of days about developments in syria, but i don't think they care. >> what's your reaction, governor? >> well, he clearly is exactly right. adversaries don't fear us, allies don't trust us. and the result is the world is a much more dangerous place,
5:12 am
despite obama's promise that he could talk to the muslims because he understood them obviously he doesn't. >> real quickly from a faith perspective. how should we feel about this and handle this as americans for those of us that are fearful. >> i think we ought to recognize from a faith perspective no matter how bad things get god is still bigger than anybody sitting in any office anywhere. that is kind of what gives me a sense of grounding. it's not good. but, on the other hand, you know, i'm still optimistic. i'm not the pessimist and i refuse to go there. >> speaking of faith, we're going to talk more with the governor about this. do americans know the true meaning of christmas? >> where was jesus born? >> jerusalem. >> i don't know. >> i don't know. >> jesus was born in bethlehem. >> bethlehem is in pennsylvania. >> jesus is an american? >> yes. >> luckily for those folks. >> jesus was an american. >> sticking around to help them out. >> then with the criminal sitting in the backseat you probably shouldn't leave the keys in the ignition of this.
5:13 am
>> probably not a bad good idea. >> while handcuffs by the way. begin. tomato, obviously. haha. there's more than that though, there's a kick to it. wahlalalalallala! smooth, but crisp. it's kind of like drinking a food that's a drink, or a drink that's a food, woooooh! [ male announcer ] taste it and describe the indescribable. could've had a v8.
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[ male announcer ] taste it and describe the indescribable. try running four.ning a restaurant is hard, fortunately we've got ink. it gives us 5x the rewards on our internet, phone charges and cable, plus at office supply stores. rewards we put right back into our business. this is the only thing we've ever wanted to do and ink helps us do it. make your mark with ink from chase.
5:16 am
>> christmas carols, tree lights, santa claus, all the things surrounding the joy of the holiday season. how much do people really know about the meaning of christmas? fox news jesse watters went out on the streets of new york city to find out. >> where was jesus born? >> jerusalem. >> he was born in -- i don't know. >> he was born in bethlehem. >> bethlehem. >> where is pennsylvania. >> bethlehem is in pennsylvania. >> jesus is an american. >> yes. >> what was was jesus profession. >> a carpenter. >> a carpenter? >> jesus was what? >> a baby. >> he was like a preacher. >> all-around nice guy.
5:17 am
>> the one lady was right there bethlehem, pennsylvania. it's not governor the bethlehem. >> it's not? >> try to lay claim. >> all those years of studying and preaching. >> it's amazing. the biblical ignorance in this country is astonishing but not so much just people on the street. news anchors. entertainers who think that they understand because i have had many discussions with people who will have these weird ideas about what the bible says and what it means and it's obvious that there is an extraordinary level of biblical illiteracy in the country and the basic things about who jesus was, where he was born. i will tell you who i blame. i blame mothers and fathers. this is uttle ultimate function of a mother and father to raise their kids in some type of a understanding of the big things in life. not just the little things, pick up your toys and clean up your room and get your teeth brushed but who is god? where did he come from? how can we know him? those are things that parents ought to teach their kids.
5:18 am
>> how important is that? because a lot of parents might think well we have faith, we talk about god, we love the lord, we love jesus. >> yeah. >> some of those details maybe we don't need to discuss them. how important is it? >> that's like saying we don't need to discuss where america came from? why do we he have people grow up with a total misunderstanding of individual responsibility, freedom. the exceptionalism of this country. nobody told them. don't expect schools or churches can do that churches in an hour or two a week can't fulfill all the needs. again, it's a mom and dad who has to take responsibility for the spiritual upbringing of their children. >> especially because children are being bombarded about the stories of war on christmas. guy up in connecticut the governor who was not going to light the christmas tree and going to call it a holiday tree. mean while 85, 90% of country believes in one form of christianity? >> the irony is in deer born,
5:19 am
michigan the state spent $25,000 to build foot baths for muslims at the university of michigan at deer born. now, imagine what would have happened if somebody had spent taxpayer money to build a nativity scene on the campus? you would have gone crazy. it's not just that there is an anti-christian bias in the country, which i think, you know, generally there is, i think the fact that there is a double standard that's even more troubling. >> who is coming up on your show tonight? >> gabby douglas, olympic gold medalist, we also have richard marks, the singer who will be doing a christmas song for us. and then we also have greg gutfeld because we are willing to reach out there and go deep. >> holiday spirit. randy forbes, children's miracle network from virginia will also be with us. >> gutfeld's book by the way "new york times" best seller. >> yeah. >> gutfeld try to do front hand springs with gabby douglas? >> no.
5:20 am
i don't want to see that and i don't want to pay the emergency room. >> governor huckabee great to see you have. >> a great show, governor. >> coming up on the show, is it time to sack is gangnam style? the global sensation under fire for what he said about american troops and their families is controversial comments coming up. >> if you don't know it's a style. gangnam style. plus, how much should you spend on your christmas gifts for your co-workers this year? well, make sure you're not going to break the bank this holiday season. we have important tips coming up next. ♪ [ male announcer ] with free package pickup from the u.s. postal service the holidays are easy. visit pay, print, and have it picked up for free before december 20h
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>> welcome back to "fox & friends." tonight, of course, we mark the first night of hanukkah and countdown to christmas is already on for many americans. according to "consumer reports," 36% haven't even started their holiday shopping yet. myself included. so how you can avoid breaking the bank if you scramble to the stores this holiday season. joining us now is financial guru and writer for dave ramsey rachel cruise. nice to see you this morning. >> good to see you too. >> so you have some tips that we can try to avoid breaking the bank because i think if you wait, you drag your feet, you kind of become rash and you end up spending too much. right? >> absolutely. yeah. the key here is to be intentional. so the best thing to do is to be on a budget this holiday season. so make a list of everyone that you are going to buy a gift for. and write a dollar amount next to their name and stick to that. so just be very very intentional. it's where your money is going. >> how do you stop mission creep though? because that happens in our family. we draw up the spreadsheet and say look we are doing one gift
5:25 am
per family member. this is what we are doing this year. and suddenly it's two and it's three. how do you stop that from happening? >> yeah, it's a good question. you just have to be intentional again and stick to what the budget says you have to say no matter this is what we are doing. great thing to do is to use cash so you can actually cash out the amount of money that you plan to spend and put it in an envelope and once the money is gone, it's gone. ' that is kind of like accountability partner. >> don't grab the credit cards which brings us to your third point here is which is don't go into debt for these things? >> exactly. if you don't have the money, don't buy it. you know, it's often when you get into january and all the bills come and you regret what you did in december. so on the front end say i'm not going too debt. i will do some extra work and make extra cash if i have to. just be honest and w. your friends and family sand say this year we are not going to do gifts. >> one of the things though. that is hard. maybe we need like dr. ablow to come on and tell us how we
5:26 am
can all agree as a family we are not going to do gifts this year we will just get together and have a meal. you go into these stores and get these credit cards. they offer you give all these offers. can you save 10% here at target if you do. this over here at this particular store macy's you can save this amount of money. how do you not fall for that? it seems so enticing with that extra savings? >> yeah. i guess it does. i guess you realize that credit cards hurt people more than they help them. just stay away from all credit cards, even if it seems like a good idea in the moment. it's not in the long run. >> all right. rachel cruz. where with people find out more information and great tips from you. >> dave >> dave always a great way to get out of debt and pay attention to what dav and rachel as well. have a great christmas. >> thank you, you too. merry christmas. >> coming up on the show. you probably shouldn't leave the keys in the ignition with a criminal sitting in the backseat. how this guy managed to break free while handcuffed and drive off with a police car. plus, this time of year people
5:27 am
are known to pack on the pounds. how to burn the calories without trimming your holidays treats. she is going to show us how in a little bit.
5:28 am
5:29 am
5:30 am
5:31 am
>> welcome back, two full days back in your weekend. i like the math. how do you add that up. >> all day saturday and all day sunday. >> kind of like the how we do the math on the fiscal cliff. >> little shady don't know if it's 23 or 24. >> you have got the christmas break in there i don't know that congress knows the official day of the fiscal cliff. >> all we know it's approaching very quickly so it doesn't really matter if it's 23 or 24 days. >> we're going to be doing fitness here in a moment. i'm going to try to burn 500 calories in two minutes. great kids and teens gadgets, patience pay attention, that's coming up in about 20 minutes on the show. >> first we will give you headlines. it might be the biggest arrest related to that terror attack in benghazi. the "wall street journal" reports mohammed abu ahmed has been tee tand by authorities authorities -- detained by authorities in egypt. many believe he is the new
5:32 am
head of al qaeda. secretary of state hillary clinton agreeing to testifies about benghazi attack in open hearing. house foreign relations committee chair woman ileana ross laytonnen says that clinton will testify before the end of the year but no date has been set. well, they were busted for boozing it up over their lunch break from chrysler or while they were working at chrysler, but two years later they are getting the green light to get their jobs back. chris ler suspended two of united auto workers and fired 13 others union rolls let the case go to arbitration. easy said for many but not for me. workers were able to return to work this week. chrysler said it disagrees with the decision but it wants to move forward. a suspect in texas not letting a little thing like handcuffs. take a look. guy stealing the cop tar while handcuff. see darren douglas porter
5:33 am
sneak into the driver's seat after rolling down the rear window which isn't supposed to roll down. cops were talking to one another. and about some store that he allegedly burglarized and 41-year-old abandoned the car a few blocks away. cops are confident they will catch him soon. so he did get away. most viewed youtube video ever and smash hit in the u.s. did the gangnam style rapper once wish death to american soldiers? ♪ gangnam style ♪ >> by the way gangnam is the wealthest area of south korea. back in 2004, rapper psy called for slow and painful death for soldiers in iraq and their families. he has recently apologized and set to perform for the president during a christmas special which tapes tomorrow in washington. an online petition asks that
5:34 am
psy be removed from the show but that petition has since been taken down. the president still plans to attend the congress. those are your headlines. >> should the president go, he is one act in this christmas special concert on tnt. should the president go? let's check in with rick reichmuth nau who is outside in the chilly weather. >> half of nashville showed up outside the studio. half of nashville, right? you are all here? [cheers] >> we have some west virginia here and you are not upset about the mtv show. >> no, not at all. >> there you go. you have it here, mtv go for it. >> take a look at the weather maps. it's been very cold across alaska. fair banks got to minus 16 and that's the warmest you have been all month. typically 6 for average high. that pink you see on the map there that's been across just alaska. not across canada. it is now moving a little bit towards the southeast and
5:35 am
alaska. that means it's getting closer to us. start to see batches of that artic air, that polar air mass make its way in toward the u.s. from time to time since it's getting a little bit closer. still you see those blues there cooler air by monday. look at your temperatures and first alert forecast. in across the northeast. gloomy, cloudy day, temps warmer than yesterday though. certainly more comfortable. scattered showers from time to time. that will continue on all the way through monday. same goes down through the southeast. it's going to be warmer at least. see plenty of showers as well into the northern plains. that's where we have the snow tonight. blizzard conditions move in across the dakotas and heavy rain falls tonight and tomorrow across the northern plains and out across the west will be fine across the southwest. get red are for santa ana winds. ainsley and clayton do. some exercise. >> did you pack on some pounds yet? >> i have. it's on. >> you look great, rick? >> it's on for all of us. turkey leftovers, christmas
5:36 am
cookies and eggnog. 60ers 'of your annual weight gain happening between thanksgiving and christmas. how you can keep off pounds during the holidays. >> she has her dvd we all know her. she is on fox a lot. the fit travel workout. we are asking our personal trainer and fitness expert nikki fitness. how can we lose the weight? weight gain happens now. >> besides coming on here. i blog for and shame magazine. i recently covered a study two minutes to burn 200 calories. that's the difference between the two. work really hard in 30 second intervals. >> see fast stuff. i look over the exercises do them fast inintensively. >> a little bit of recovery in between and called high intensity interval training hits. >> the first thing on your list is jumping lung squats. >> clayton is going to do it with. >> you i will watch you two ladies perform it. >> might take your shoes off.
5:37 am
i don't know if you can do them with high heels on i'm not talking to clayton here. do a lung. squat in the middle, jump into another lung on the other side and squat. >> i can't do that in this dress i'm going to watch clinton right leg lung squat in the middle. and left leg lung, squat in the middle. >> this is what i do with my kids around the house how long do you have to do this. >> 30 seconds. >> you can do that with your children. >> they would love that. >> put them in -- >> you don't have to go to the gym. you can do this in your living room? >> exactly. >> if you hear a ripping at home don't be offended. >> another thing jump high in the air quad for 1, 2, 3 jump four. you do. >> your cheerleading days you can do this. >> that didn't last long that lasted for a year. >> and jump. >> i will just watch you, nikki. >> 1, 2, 3, i did one. now clayton your term.
5:38 am
>> number three on the list the track tuck so we go from the lungs to the jump. >> fun one, bring your knees up to your elbows or kick your butt if you don't want to jump that high. >> any break in between these exercises for coffee? >> you can do hamstring curls, jump rope. >> keep it moving. >> little jacks like this. >> overall how long will this take? overall that's the jack. >> whose are hard. >> when we do that in our gym classes. >> really athletic. >> jump up. >> and you bring your knees forward if it's not comfortable and don't want to do it for two minutes it's working. >> do it once maybe start to sweat. you are doing that how long overall four exercises because the fourth one here you have the mountain dan climbers 10-minute workout? >> while you talk about the fiscal cliff you can mountain climb. >> then you hit the floor you go down on the floor bring your legs back knees, knees,
5:39 am
knees, this really works your a.b.s. 10 knees up, 10 knees down. >> 7,, 9, 10. a whole group of viewers on the street making fun of me. yeah, that's right, wave and laugh at me. >> down for 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. >> that's hard. >> four 30 second intervals with a little bit of recovery in between. >> you know what the problem is for a lot of americans though. eric. >> this is natural position. >> this is exactly the problem for a will the of americans they are exhausted because there is a christmas party every night. trying to shop. you can't go to the gym. we don't have time. >> we see boggle -- eric bolling in his natural state. >> guys it doesn't look that hard. >> eric, lying on your side can you lift your legs up. >> eric is gaining the 60% over there of his weight and burning ours, eric. >> it also helps to have mantras, nikki fitness on twitter or nikki i
5:40 am
have three weekly news litters and words of the day. >> keep you moving. great to he sue. i just lost 10 pounds good to see you. send it over to eric. what's president obama up on the show. >> keep working out. i will read this tease over here. good employment news for uncle sam while millions of americans are still looking for work. your big government just got bigger. surprising stats about our pluck workforce that will make you red. then, take this nic at this fitness, you have heard of the facebook diet? we will tell you why it will shed the pounds. try and resideways. ed [ fishing rod casting line, marching band playing ]
5:41 am
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>> and welcome back.
5:44 am
here are your top stories for your health on our web site. we told you the flu seasonal came early. just got my flu shot yesterday. now it's being blamed for the death of throw children. several states reporting widespread cases. health experts are urging people to get flu shots, saying it's well-matched against this year's strain. up to 90% accurate. last year's flu shot was only 40% accurate. facebook may actually help fight childhood obesity. american heart association says social media helps prevent unhealthy behavior. they do need to do research how west to use online tools. for more information go to >> america's unemployment rate falling to 7.7% for the month of november. that is, of course, good news. but the news is even better for government workers. >> according to the bureau of labor statistics. unemployment for government element employees plunged from get this 4.2% in october. down to 3.8% in n so, what's behind these snubs? we'll ask our next guest.
5:45 am
the public employee -- is the public employee under work policy analyst for the heritage foundation joins us now. explain to us what you mean underworked? >> old stereotype. government workers work less than private sector workers. what we found was pretty good data is when you add that up offer the course of a year, government workers working about a month less. a full month less than the private sector. >> we just got some information this morning that 73% of those hired over the last five months were for government jobs. more people are being hired to work for the government but they are not working as hard? >> right. you know, one of the reasons i got into this in the first place is that in the wake of the recession you had a lot of calls from the obama
5:46 am
administration to essentially bail out state and local workforces because they had suffered from layoffs but that assumes that the prior level of the workforce was accurate. that there was enough workers already workers there. >> went down to -- from 4.2 down to 3.8%. private sector unemployment is 7.7%. my twitter feed is blowing up right now because i use offed the analogy of we put three people in the cart and only hired one person to pull it. >> yeah, you know, it's important point to make about public sector exhibition in general. a the love people don't look at that job security that's involved in working for the government. it's very difficult to lose your job if you are working for the government. weave did have some layoffs in the past but nothing compared to what the private sector had. yet, whenever people want to do comparisons, you know he compare the public and the private sectors people often
5:47 am
want to pretend job security doesn't exist. it really does and has a real value? what is the solution and why should americans at home care about this story? >> well, i think will take that second question first a lot of money saved here. if the public sector worked as much as private sector counterparts we would be saving we calculate $130 billion a year in labor costs with no reduction in services. because you are just having workers work more. >> jason, also a couple years ago i believe it was "u.s.a. today" that put out a study that government workers earned, on average, all in between salary and benefits substantially higher than the average private sector worker. does the hair tan foundation agree with that? >> we have done a lot of work on that ourselves. when you compare experience and apples to apples comparison what you find is particularly the fringe benefits like pensions and retiree healthcare really push the public sector over top of the private sector. it's a real problem as i said because that's money to be saved.
5:48 am
we don't have to pay public workers more than they would make in the private sector. it's just not fair to anyone really. >> they make more, they work less, and they are employed at a double the rate that the private sector is. sounds like a good deal to me. >> you got it. it absolutely is. >> good work if you can get it. >> thanks so much for being with us. have a great rest of your weekend. >> thank you. >> you are welcome. >> used to being on the roof top. one town is kicking him off. the controversy behind this jolly old saint nic coming up. then drones not just for taking out terrorists you can actually fly one in your living room. clayton is here with the coolest gadgets for your kids and teenagers this holiday. this holiday, share everything.
5:49 am
share "not even close." share "you owe me..." share "just right." the share everything plan. shareable data across 10 devices with uimited talk and text. by htc for $49.99. ♪ many hot dogs are within you. try pepto-bismol to-go, it's the power of pepto, but it fits in your pocket. now tell the world daniel...
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of pepto-bismol to-go.
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5:52 am
>> kids under 18 apartment easily impressed when it comes to gifts. you know if you have one. don't worry mom and dad we have great ideas for the christmas season. our own gadget guru fox news alert clayton morris with the latest. >> he owns it. at least he owns it. >> kids and teens. parents pay attention because i have put together some great ones for you. start down with had you lieu plus. this is one that will run on most set top boxes these days. subscription service 7.99 a month. television partnerships with nickelodeon, sponge bob square
5:53 am
pants. works with set top boxes. give a gift card. works on nintendo wii u brand new. kids consul the nintendo wii you in high definition. game pad. hulu plus and play games on the game pad or on the screen. new nintendo games and moreio games and nintendo land. theme park game from the folks from nintendo i have been testing it. it's a lot of fun. >> about 300 bucks. >> about $300. great for the small kids. get them involved in science. i loved science as a kid. i tykes a couple different programs and items. this is their microscope. put iphone or microphone. it has so it interact. put a tablet. see on the large screen a butterfly or zoom on different specimens play up and down with a real lenz as they look
5:54 am
through here. >> mom and dad you buy this it's $89 but you buy your kid an iphone and a tablet. >> if you have it most parents are throwing those things in there they have anyway. with you pick up on amazon dot many arthur wants this for his kid and i do. my kid is a huge thomas fan. all of these accessories that work with current tablet. thomas steam station. you put a tablet in the center here. here i have a larger ipad the game works by putting differential cards in the side of the thomas station. and it gets the kids up off -- i don't have the game running fully yet. because it made too much noise in here but the kids can get up off the couch and play different games and put percy and thomas cards in inside of it and it interacts with the tablet so the kids are involved and playing thomas which they love, of course. >> any tablet, clayton? >> i'm not sure if you can work it with an android tablet. >> and it's reasonably priced $39. >> 800 for the tablet if you
5:55 am
get an ipad. >> mom and dad use your tablet there. >> ipod touch. great device for kids. this is still the gold standard for mp 3 players. this is the brand new ipod touch really thin and fast. five mega pixel camera. instead of getting them a cell phone it's a cell phone without the cell chip. make text messages with the apple's app. in it. hand it to the kids. don't pay monthly subscription for a phone. >> not cheap though. >> 300. >> i found it really interesting that the traditional ipod touch 300 bucks when you can get one of those small once for like 45 bucks. >> but you can't play games or any of the apps or book reading. that's taken for a workout if you get the ipod nano. >> so there how do you feel now. >> certainly not a nerd. >> also this is from mba and this is their baller's beats
5:56 am
edition. comes if w. a basketball for the x box kinect. put the game in the x box. get the basketball out and bounce it and to the game you actually play the game with the basketball. it recognizes your movements because that's how kinect works and you keep up with your nba stars to lose weight. bouncing the ball in movement to different songs and different hit music and it's going to be a big hit? quiewcially you are either a nerd or athlete but in this case you are both. >> finally you saw the drone, we have got to fire this puppy up. this is the brand new one, 2.0 version. you have a free downloadable app. for android. and here it goes. it's very safe. it uses, has like a styrofoam packaging around it perform advanced stunts and fly up to 165 feet from your wi-fi device. also you can see because it's got a camera underneath it. can you spy on your sister. >> spy on your sister i think she will hear you coming. >> maybe high up in the sky.
5:57 am
>> that's from the ar drone. >> there is something else on the table you forgot. is this for your kid too the glasses they wear. >> find me on twitter if you have any questions about any of these devices. >> thanks, clayton. >> sure. >> very good tips and great gifts. what's your favorite? >> all of them. >> all right. more "fox & friends" two minutes away.
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
>> welcome back, good morning, it's saturday, december the 8th. i'm ainsley earhart filling in for ali this morning and still no end in sight for the fiscal cliff hanger. >> it comes to the fiscal cliff that's threatening our economy and threatening jobs, and the white house has wasted another week. >> ainsley: why speaker john boehner says the president's my way or the highway approach is getting us nowhere. >> clayton: and washington state got high, but how the
6:01 am
anti-drug program says it won't dare teach our middle schoolers about marijuana, it's not age appropriate. do they have a point? we report, you decide. >> eric: and super storm sandy couldn't wipe away his home, but something else did. >> she said are you sure your house is gone. miss, you misplace a pen or pencil, you don't misplace a house. >> clayton: vanished, that man will tell us how that house just vanished. "fox & friends" hour four starts right now. ♪ . [rooster crowing] >> welcome into "fox & friends" on this saturday morning, thanks so much for waking up with us. this is ainsley. >> ainsley: hi. >> clayton: in for ali and eric for dave and i'm the only one on the regular crew. >> ainsley: where did they go, to christmas parties and couldn't make it in? you never know we're focused
6:02 am
on the fiscal cliff and we've only got a few weeks left because christmas break is in there and so congress has to deal with this. they'll go away for christmas and speculation, are they going to come back after christmas? they don't usually, but may have to because speaker boehner said yesterday, it looks like the president is trying it slow walk this whole negotiation until the end. >> when it comes to the fiscal cliff that's threatening our economy and threatening jobs, the white house has wasted another week. a lot of things are possible to put the revenue the president seeks on the table, but none of it's going to be impossib impossible. the president insists on his position, insists on my way or the highway. that's not the way to get to an agreement i figure is important for the american people and very important for our economy. >> clayton: and it looks like, as governor huckabee was talking about, talked in general terms about this, democrats are in the driving seat, right? the president won the reelection, the polls are
6:03 am
wildly in his favor and 20% would blame-- over 20% margin would blame republicans if this things goes south. is that what the president is doing, sitting o saying, i'm in the driver's seat here, you guys work it out, we'll get to it when we get to it. >> ainsley: and the government is spending other 4 billion a day and republicans say some spending and the democrats say we've got the solution, keep spending. and you've got both sides of the issues, both parties trying to discuss this and compromise, but nothing is being done and we're getting closer and closer to that deadline and john boehner is saying we've wasted another week. is it possible to get this things completed by the end of the month. >> eric: i'm hoping they don't. honestly, here is what d.c. does. they create all this have alarm. you rer when the government was going to shut down at midnight and 11:55 they found out there's debt ceiling and this, the government is shutting it down. they're getting to get it together, but the problem more of the same.
6:04 am
16.3 1/2 trillion dollars in debt right now. if they fix whatever they're going to fix and make their little negotiations and probably 20 trillion in debt by the end of obama's term and we're barely over the fiscal cliff with or without going over the fiscal cliff, so my suggestion to mr. boehner, let them go. let president obama, let him have two recessions on two terms, that's the only way that they'll cut a time of spending if they're forced to do it. >> you mentioned the number, 5-8 billion dollars, new congress militia numbers out. 4.8 billion dollars a day so far, now, this is for not this year, this is for fiscal year 2013 which began in october. carney, the white house press spokesperson says a number of things about this, take a listen. >> the debt reduction in and of itself is not the goal here. the reason to get our fiscal house in order and the reason
6:05 am
to pass a deficit reduction package that's balanced and allows for economic growth and job creation is to put our economy on a sustainable fiscal path. which again, in itself produces positive economic benefits and growth and jobs. >> eric: that's ridiculous, what that man just said, the reason for the discussions is not to cut the deficit, it's to put our economy on a path to fiscal growth and create jobs. the only way to do it is to stop the out of control debt. you're going to bury our kids and grandkids with debt. >> ainsley: because the people who hire don't have the money, they're going to be taxed. they don't have the money to hire people. >> eric: do you realize in five years or so we're going to spend a trillion dollars just servicing the debt, just paying the interest on the money we owe china and other countries. can we do that. and president obama, senator
6:06 am
obama you 2008. he thought debt was bad, out of control spending was a bad thing. listen to him. >> the problem is is that the way bush has done it over the last eight years is to take out a credit card from the bank of china in the name of our children, driving up our national debt from 5 trillion dollars the first 42 presidents, 43, add 4 trillion dollars by his lonesome, so we now have over 9 trillion dollars of debt that we are going to have to pay back, $30,000 for every man, woman and child, that's irresponsible, it's unpatriotic. >> ainsley: saying 9 trillion dollars in debt is not responsible. do you know what the national debt is now? 16.4 trillion almost double. >> clayton: he blamed
6:07 am
president bush all my his lonesome, but president obama you put 5 trillion in your debt and on the way to 10 trillion. and you want to talk about unpatriotic and dangerous. >> clayton: both parties don't cut government. neither cut government since the 1950's and when are we going to get serious about cutting things that we don't need so we can actually stop spending like this, you know what cuts government? >> the fiscal cliff. because they have to. it is in writing, it's a law that if they don't get a deal together, we go over the cliff and 1.2 trillion dollars, 600 billion out of spending and 600 billion in taxes and force-- >> i remember when i was in school, this is just like a year ago, really, no, quite a while ago. i remember talking in school about us being in debt and it was like reaching a trillion dollars and the teacher asked us to wrap our hands around this idea of a trillion dollars. now, we're seeing 16 trillion
6:08 am
dollars. i can't wrap my head around a trillion to try to-- >> and then jay carney saying that's not the focus getting us out of debt and i use my dad as a reference to the first hour of the show. like my dad handing me a credit card going off to college, you know what just put whatever you want on there, keep spending, that's not our focus. >> clayton: we're not going to pay for it. >> part of the deal president obama of brought to john boehner, let's reof move the debt ceiling and take the limit on the credit cards. >> ainsley: let me tell you dad said this is emergency only and one time i treated my friends to the restaurant to dinner. and dad called me, you owe me $35 and cents. >> you went over the parental cliff. >> clayton: now we've got headlines. >> ainsley: headlines for you, a fox news alert. a huge blow to al-qaeda. one of their top officials has reportedly been killed.
6:09 am
al-kuwaiti died in in pakistan. calling him a martyr. he was seen as a successor to head the entire terrorist australiawe organization. and two australia dj's sthe nurse was found dead reportedly committed suicide. she was duped by the dj believing that queen elizabeth was on the phone, and she had the call to the nurse. they said they were deeply saddened by the news. do gay couples have the same right to marriage as straight couples? the supreme court could consider, after challenges to the ban on same sex marriage in california. restricts the benefits that
6:10 am
gay couples can receive, as defining marriage of something only between a man and a woman. the court will hear both cases in march. in burma, explosions go off into the crowd. look at that. all right the festival, whoa, the hot air balloons are filled with fireworks and supposed to be sent into the air and one balloon started exploding and people were running for their hives and balls of fire out of control. no word yet if anyone was injured. >> look i'm no seen ygenius andk packed me up on that point. backed up? . when you mix fireworks with blames and helium, hot air balloons. >> ainsley: probably not a good idea. >> clayton: it doesn't seem like a good indication. >> rick: have you ever been in a hot air balloon, it's
6:11 am
blames. >> clayton: but it's not helium. >> rick: it's warm air, but you have to warm that air up with incredibly hot-- >> give me some fireworks over here, dangerous. >> rick: like at that san diego fireworks last year where the whole thing went up at with us. >> clayton: a boring evening. >> rick: that was one was good though. we've had no snow in parts of the plains. about to break records. chicago no snow, omaha no snow and everybody a below averages this time of year. take a look at this, chicago, one more day and you're going to break your record of the longest stretch ever, des moines you've broken your record of the longest stretch you've not had measurable snow. it will change a little bit at least maybe for milwaukee. and here is the future cast, what it's going to look like the next couple of days and a system that's going to be bringing snow across the dakot dakotas, and milwaukee a little bit of snow and chicago though being, i think you're going to continue with this
6:12 am
storm and that's tonight into tomorrow. by tomorrow into monday some very heavy rain, again, across parts of the ohio valley and to the southeast where dedesperately need it and this is how the snow accumulates and the far northern pier and the plains. >> and the cost of obamacare now being passed on to your pets. what it means for their health care? >> sassy and sacks are going to pay for this? >> apparently. >> ainsley: and is it time gangnam style, you know the song under fire for what the artist said about american troops and their families. your e-mails and your tweets are pouring in about this. we'll share some of them. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] campbell's green bean casserole. it's amazing what soup can do
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6:15 am
>> welcome back. forget just taxing the rich, former dnc chairman howard dean says taxes should go up for everybody in recent interview the democrat offered his take on the fiscal cliff debate, saying, quote, we're
6:16 am
the not going to get out of this deficit problem unless we raise taxes across the board to go back to what bill clinton had and his taxes. but will raising taxes solve our economic woes? let's ask mr. steven moore, writer for the with a wall street journal. i heard that quote and howard dean, dr. dean is one of the most liberal on the planet and saying, and i thought about that a little bit. does he mean everyone's taxes have to go up, including people who don't pay taxes now? >> a great question, because as you know, eric, about 40% of americans who file tax returns now don't pay any income tax, but i also saw that clip live when he said it and kind of mouth open, i was kind of shocked, but he's at least being an honest liberal here. one of the things about this fiscal cliff debate that bothers me, even if we raise taxes on the top two or three% and the president may reveil.
6:17 am
then you go into 2013 and i heard the discussion on the debt which was fantastic. even if we do the tax increases on the rich they're not going to raise that much money and not that many people that make over 400 $500,000 a year and that means if the liberals want a fund these new programs and they want to bring this trillion dollar debt down. you know where they have to go, eric, who are they going to have to tax. they're f are not going to be w on the very rich, 1 or 2%, they're going to go after the middle class, at least howard dean was being honest. >> clayton: people watch fox and other networks with a different perspective on taxes and what not. >> eric: the reality is, we have a spending problem, steve. how much money we're actually taxing, tax revenues are going up. >> they have to. >> eric: it's a spending issue. if we're putting a trillion dollars into the deficit you can't fix that with taxes. >> no, you sure can't. eric, when i first came to washington, which was about 25 years ago, we barely had a
6:18 am
trillion dollar budget and here we are, 25 years later and we're closing in on a 4 trillion dollar budget and that under democrats and republicans as well and there haven't been serious cuts in spending in this town in at least 10 or 15 years and i'm kind of frustrated that neither party is really serious about getting these spending programs under control. i mean, we have been-- you look at entitlement programs and president obama and a lot of democrats say we can't cut medicare, social security, medicaid. and that's half the budget there. of course, we're spending 600, 700 billion dollars a year just to pay the interest on the debt. just on the interest. so you don't get any return on that. one last point, if we stay on the course we're on over the next ten years, do you know the biggest single expend did your item in the budget? >> i do, servicing the national debt. >> almost a trillion dollars a year to pay for our past fiscal sins. >> eric: i only have a half
6:19 am
minute or so. is there any case in american history where raises taxes worked to stimulate the economy? >> i don't think so. a lot of experiences by the way, in the 60's under john f. kennedy, a democrat, in the 80's under a reagan when we cut tax rates the revenues went up, you know that, when we cut the tax rate. >> eric: i do, but i wanted to hear from steve moore, thank you very much. >> great to be with you, sir, have a great weekend. >> eric: he's meant to bring joy, but this big santa is stirring up controversy instead. and the dare program is supposed to be teaching kids about the dangers of drugs, but they won't be talking pot anymore. why? it will just make kids want to smoke it more. is that true? i think it is, by the way. we'll be right back. ♪ initiated.
6:20 am
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>> come quick headlines for you, a disturbing break in over the house oversight committee chairman darrell issa. about $100,000 worth of jewelry stolen. police say they're pursuing several solid leads. a new jersey town is acting like the grinch, trying to force some business owners to take down this 40 foot inflatable santa. the mayor says it's a hazard because it can blow over, but the owner says there's no ordinance against the decoration. he will be taking this battle to court after christmas. clayton? >> thanks, ainsley. pot smokers in washington state are having a puff of relief because they're allowed to light up legally. the state officially allowed
6:24 am
this week, you saw the big crowd. what impact will it have on youngsters? the well-known anti-drug program d.a.r.e. announced they will no longer teach fifth and sixth graders about marijuana use unless asked about it. say it's not age appropriate. really? here advisor, student against destructive decisions steven wallace and the alliance, gabriel. nice to see you. >> good morning. >> clayton: steven, start with you, you hear about d.a.r.e. in the educating fifth and sixth graders about this. good move or bad move. >> let's face if, marijuana use it on the rise among young people. a 30-year high among 12th graders, 10-year high among 8th graders and that dialog is incredit mri important bending the curve on risk. and let's put some of the
6:25 am
statistics on the screen. 39.9% of students had used marijuana one or more times during their life. 8% of students have tried marijuana the first time before the age of 13 years old. gabriel, doesn't it seem like a smart move to get these kids educated early rather than waiting? >> keep in mind that the d.a.r.e. program is going to continue to educate high schoolers about marijuana not removed that part of their curriculum. this is a smart move. anytime you hear d.a.r.e. say they're following the research, d.a.r.e. had not followed the research and not worked and shown in the evidence for a great deal of time. i'm a graduate of the d.a.r.e. program actually and in 6th grade i won the "just say no" essay contest. and the kids in my class had never seen the drugs or heard of them and introduced to them by the officers. and i think there are a lot of prevention and approaches
6:26 am
made, but they should be evidence-based and follow what we know works and i think it's a good step for d.a.r.e. >> clayton: steven, this is interesting and on the one hand gabriel didn't know about the drugs until suddenly the d.a.r.e. automotives shows them and gets interested in them. and isn't that what happens with kids? the bottom line, we have to wait or do it early? >> we know that risk behaviors are trending younger and younger, a spike of drinking between 6th and 7th grade and spike of drugs between 8th and 9th grade and all of my work at saad, the evidence that shows at the end of the day it's the conference between the young person and a peer or a young person and caring adult and to think that they're not aware of marijuana is kind of crazy and to suggest that it's going to incite marijuana use reminds me of the belief if we talk to kids about suicide they are he' going to try to kill themselves. >> clayton: steven brings up a great point. it's about conversation, if
6:27 am
the parents had only talked to kids before they did x, y and z, it might not have happened. >> maybe it's the way that the conversation is happening and not ignoring it altogether. >> steven is making an excellent point, and one that we believe in. and accounts for the fact at that young people are going to experiment and across the range of ages and incredibly important that young people have a trusting relationship with adults. the problem with the d.a.r.e. program is that they-- many of the d.a.r.e. officers present misinformation that deteriorate the relationship between the young people and authority and when a d.a.r.e. officer tells a young person if they try marijuana they'll go on and try harder drugs, that's simply not the case and when young people discover that they've been lied to, that's not, that's not good. it's not good for young people and it's not good for the adults in their life for trying to ensure that the young people make safe and smart decisions so we need a reality based approach for tactful fact that we want to pro he motor abstinence and
6:28 am
young people are going to try. and what do we need in the scenarios and focus our efforts, reality based on honest and foster good relationships with adults. >> clayton: it's an interesting debate and we want to hear what our viewers think about it. and get a hold of me, clayton morris, and obamacare, your pets as well. can they afford it? where do they keep their wallets, by the way. the most watched video on the internet and now he's set to perform for the president. that man. but he calls the death of our soldiers, back in 2004. and is it time to sack this guy? your e-mails. to help those affected and to cover cleanup costs. today, the beaches and gulf are open, and many areas are reporting their best tourism seasons in years. d bp's also committed to america.
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♪ >> all right. welcome back to the big show. you guys know the song, you've probably been dancing to it, i know probably in the bathroom, in front of the mirror you're dancing. >> ainsley: at weddings. >> clayton: look, it's a global sensation, gangnam style, by psy, the south korean guy, watched more than any other video on youtube ever. now a bit of a controversy, more than a bit after controversy things that come to light he had said, written about and sang about a few
6:33 am
years ago about american soldiers. >> ainsley: we're not going to repeat the soldiers, but basically he wants the american soldiers killed and their families. >> clayton: related to the iraq war and south korea's involvement in it, and die slowly. kids. it was horrible stuff. and the controversy is that he's slated to be taping a concert tomorrow night that the president will, allegedly, be attending or may or may not attend. >> eric: a christmas special. the question is, number one, in the light of the new information we found out about the guy, should they cancel his appearance or the other option should president obama not attend it, if they decide not to cancel. >> clayton: the president's office can make one phone call to tnt, the christmas special on tnt, a turner run thing and probably a friend of president can call up and say can't we cancel this guy out. i'd like to come to the rest of the special or get rid of this guy or tnt can get rid of this guy. we want to know-- >> he's apologized for it, but how do you, we've all said things that we reget, but apologizing for saying like
6:34 am
he-- >> and it's not a slip of the tongue, it's lyrics he sang about and written and sang about not something he inadvertently said. >> eric: and let's not forget he's south korean and americans lost 40,000 beings in the korea and we protect that parallel and-- >> gangnam is the wealthiest part of south korea. >> clayton: she's been practicing that song and now won't listen to it. lisa wright says i definitely think his appearance at the christmas special should be canceled or at the very least the president should not attend. and misty says this person should never be allowed to enter our country and lack of respect for the military personal. >> it's quite sad that a south
6:35 am
korean citizen forgets that his freedom came at the cost of american lives and maybe this young man should meet at the 38th parallel and meet those americans who still provide him and his countriesmen the freedom he continues to enjoy. >> clayton: i don't think that war ever ended. like typical wars that have a document. i don't think that war ever technically ended. and superstorm sandy brought devastated and will cost tens of billions of dollars and now the president is asking congress for 60 billion to help with the cleanup. peter doocy is live in washington with the latest on the recovery efforts. >> reporter: good morning, clayton, you're right the white house wrote a letter, the speaker of the house, to request 64.4 billion dollars and the number recommends funds needed to finance a
6:36 am
recovery effort and help the region prepare for future challenges, including future severe storms and flooding as well as impacts associated with a changing climate. just because the white house is requesting 60.4 billion dollars doesn't necessarily mean it will be easily approved by the house of representatives, because money is tight right now and as spokeman for speaker boehner says simply, we have the request and we will review it. four u.s. senators from new york and new jersey, chuck schumer robert menendez and kirsten gillibrand says the money might get caught up with people wanting it elsewhere. and it's a tough fight in congress given the fiscal cliff and some members have not been friendly to disaster relief, but the care with which this package has been put together has given us a
6:37 am
good head start. that good head start not good enough for one republican from new jersey who said that 60.4 billion dollars is far short of 83 billion, new york, new jersey and connecticut asked for. congressman frank loviando says we should not short string the businesses and individuals in communities in my district and across the region desperately need. >> and establishing that the hurricane sandy task force is going to be hit up to coordinate rebuilding projects and chaired by the secretary of housing and urban development, shaun donovan. back to you in new york. >> ainsley: thank you. >> eric: and begs the question does chris christie rethink the photo ops with the president after the hurricane now that he's not getting what he's asking for. >> clayton: and like the fiscal cliff, you overask and
6:38 am
end up getting what you asked for. >> ainsley: like selling a house. maybe could meet somewhere in the middle. now for the rest of your headlines, it might be the biggest arrest related to the terror attack in benghazi. the wall street street reports that ahmad has been detained by authorities in egypt with the help of u.s. intelligence. many believe he's the lead her of the new wing of al-qaeda which led to the attack that left four americans dead. music star toni braxton in the hospital this morning. ♪ unbreak my heart, say you'll love me again ♪ >> braxton tweeted it's because of minor health issued related to lupus. the 45-year-old r & b singer also suffers from a narrowing of the blood vessels in her heart, but braxton told fans not to worry and that she plans to be out in the next few days. despite angry protests,
6:39 am
michigan g.o.p. passed the right to work legislation this week. the bill stops unions from collecting fees from nonunion employees. michigan' governor rick snyder says that workers should have the right to choose whether they join a union. earlier we spoke to u.a.w. worker and said that auto jobs in michigan disappeared because of the unions and he hopes the bill will change that. >> a lot of that is due to the labor cost that the the u.a.w. forced on the automakers so the automakers have re southern states or moved out of the midwest and we're hoping to get some of that manufacturing back into the midwest and into michigan specifically and right to work legislation will help do that. >> ainsley: the governor is expected to sign the bill into law and the union members will have the option of resigning from their union. obamacare tax hikes aren't going to just affect your medical bills, they might affect your pets, too. a new rule from the irs shows
6:40 am
the medical devices used by veterinarians will be hit by obamacare's 2.3% device tax and that likely means higher vet costs because the manufacturers will be raising the prices and the tax used for people and pets. pet owners already spent 12 billion dollars a year, he they do spend that much on vet care and those are your headlines. >> clayton: all right, let's check with rick reichmuth out with a look at the forecast. >> rick: guys, it's a nice morning out here and some people have been here every morning long. give me your name where you're from. >> diane and darin. >> from warsaw, indiana. >> first time in new york? >> yes. >> rick: welcome, they've been here every time i've come out. give them a shout out. take a look at the weather maps, across the northern rockies, it's a cold one and you're averaging 35 and today 17. take a look what happens tomorrow though. a big blast of cold air moves down across parts of the northern--
6:41 am
the high plains and we're going to see a high tomorrow in denver of only 20, it's about 23 degrees below and your typical average. we see warmups in the southeast and the ohio valley and warmer air tomorrow at least across. send it back to you inside. >> thanks, rick, coming up on the show, superstorm sandy couldn't wipe away his home, but something else did. >> she said to me, are you sure your house is gone? i said, miss, you misplace your pen and pencil, you don't misplace a house. >> clayton: that man here live to tell us how his house just vanished. >> eric: and santa is truly making it the season of giving, paying layaway balances across the country. how you can help, too. >> ainsley: first a check with neil cavuto, what's coming up on the cost of freedom business block. >> no guts, no glory, our leaders in washington are taking a break, with america on the verge of a breakdown, maybe take a lesson from these
6:42 am
guys, the astronauts who gave me a firsthand look what it really means to be a hero. and that video of the detroit council woman asking the federal government is having viral and some are sizzling, wondering how a cash strapped country with bail out a cash trapped city. the cost of freedom at the top of the hour. we'll he see you then. when you don't use new pam, this is what you get. residue. [ female announcer ] bargain brand cooking spray leaves annoying residue. that's why there's new pam. your soups are so awesomely delicious my husband and i can't stop eating 'em! what's...that... on your head? can curlers! tomato basil, potato with bacon... we've got a lot of empty cans. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. we've got a lot of empty cans. i have obligations. cute tobligations, but i need to rethink the core of my portfolio. what i really need is sleep. introducing the ishares core,
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at least, nobody said it to us. introducing the business smart inkjet all-in-one series from brother. easy to use. it's the ultimate combination of speed, small size, and low-cost printing. >> and i thought it was a joke at first. i thank god for everything. >> i'm a single parent of two, so, this is going to be a really good christmas. amazing, i'm shocked, yeah. >> i feel very lucky. >> thank you, whoever this person is. >> yeah, what are they talking about, a secret santa shopper, giving them early christmas gifts two years in a row. and they sneak in and pick up balances for families facing
6:46 am
tough times. >> a board member for the nonprofit at south beach athletic club which set up payoff did i say that right? tell us about this. you go in and find out who needs help, is that how this works? >> what we do, we collect money through payoff and comes through the website and we then call the store in advance and say we have a certain amount we're going to pay off and the store then goes through and looks for gifts with toys in it or layaways with toys in it predominantly, calls the individuals and lets them know that we're paying off their layaways. >> what's been the response? we saw some response from some of the folks, but when we don't-- we've only seen two of them. overall, the families dealing with tough economic times, what's been the response you hear from the families and the kids? >> oh, it's, it's a fantastic response for the families, they really are very gratified by it, they're overjoyed. you know, they're really going
6:47 am
through a lot of tough economic times like you said and trying to make decisions between paying off a layaway or their basic necessities. food, gasoline, the electric bill. and when we do this, it has a triple positive effect. you have the child who gets a holiday gift. you have a parent who actually can focus on the basic necessities and then at the same time with wal-mart, they give back the inception fee to them in a gift card. >> eric: and there's a commercial on tv. i can't remember what the product was, probably bad not to remember, but one person sees something do something nice and that person who saw it does something nice. do you see that effect when people hear what you're doing and more people want to get involved. >> how can they, they go involved by going to pay off and once they paid off, somebody in hialeah, $5,000,
6:48 am
and somebody $2 it,000, plantation, 2500, out in vegas, $3,000. and so, it starts rippling across the united states and really, really great what ends up happening. >> clayton: that's great, second year in a row. i guess you plan to do it much more and also you're doing something interesting what's going on with sandy, am i right? >> yeah, we've donated to the american red across and the secret sandy program helping those in northeast from hurricane sandy scenario. >> great. so, this is going to help a lot of affected individuals. so if you want information where you can go to do this, go to pay off layaways,.org and make the donations to help out folks needy. and rs schmidt the board meet for that southeast athletic club. thanks for your work, that's great. >> thanks for the opportunity. >> up next, sandy was no match for this house and how did it vanish? >> she said to me, are you sure your house is gone. >> i said, miss, you misplace
6:49 am
your pen and pencil, you don't misplace a house. >> that guy is walking down the hall. he's here to share his story with us. why is it that the most impressive technology often comes with a set of equally impressive instructions ? shouldn't something that's truly advanced, not need much explanation at all ? with the nokia lumia 822 on verizon, there's not much to learn because it's powered by windows... to let you do more than you ever imagined on your smartphone.
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>> well, two weeks after hurricane sandy. residents of new jersey's beach were able to return home and gather their belongings. when our next guest arrived at his summer home, it was no longer standing there. the house and everything in it gone. all that was left nothing, but sand and soil, you can see an empty plot of land. he was never told that his house would be diminished or all of his possessions would be thrown away. but now, he just wants an answer, nick is here with us now, hi, nick, nice to see you in person, we have been talking about this on fox for a while now. >> yes.
6:53 am
>> and everyone, our hearts go out to all the victims of sandy and you go home to get your belongings and two weeks later, what do you find. >> we were brought two weeks later by school bus, a couple hundred people and they told us to bring a small piece of luggage to gather our belongings and we were walking up the street and everybody went into the house and i didn't need my small luggage, nothing there to take. >> ainsley: i'm sure you were told by friends, your house was fine. and there was a show my house was whole and pushed off the foundation and still had access to it. >> ainsley: what was the governor's reason for removing your house? >> since i've been doing the media trip of mine, they con-- my lawyer and media and fox contacted the organization and four different statements, not one statement was the same. >> ainsley: ranging from what to what? >> first, it was in the street and had to be moved because
6:54 am
emergency vehicles and the next one was, we found half the white ranch we didn't find the other half. we demolished it, and the other sandwiched the utility pole, and last one, we had to take it down, it was a hazard and couldn't get access to the house and now i understand that the police chief the only person who responded to my calls has three or four different investigations going on to find out why my house was torn down and i'm starting to feel that somebody did something that we don't, no one knows, we have no idea what happened. >> ainsley: and home owners insurance does it cover any of it. >> yes, covers flood, thank god i had flood, moment owners policy and covered for that, but not covered for the memorabilia, 15 years in that house. and clothing and other things that could have been saved. i see my neighbors are taking out tons of stuff and i didn't have that opportunity. >> ainsley: what have been your emotions throughout this
6:55 am
process? >> up and down, most is disappointed. shocked, i don't know, not knowing what happened. not given the opportunity, i could have been in there an hour and a half and taken some stuff out of there. i was afforded none of that. and my feelings are i don't know which way to turn next. >> ainsley: you know, i went out to long island during all this have and i saw some house that is definitely aren't going to withstand all of this. they're going to have to be destroyed, but to take your possessions, have you met the american that actually did this? >> no. >> ainsley: as a human being how can anybody destroy family photos and items? >> again, the only person i've spoken to is the police chief in the township, and he's been very, very helpful. no one has explained to me what happened. no one called me. i don't know if it was a bulldozer driver, a safety engineering, hazard engineer come to me and every picture i
6:56 am
have clearly states that the house was not in the street. >> ainsley: you have proof of this. >> aerial pictures and ground pictures that people have taken. >> ainsley: you've called the governor and what did they say. >> a famous quote. my house is missing on the beach and house is gone. she said are you sure your house is gone. i said, miss, you lose a pen and a pencil, not a house. house is not here. >> ainsley: we did contact the new jersey department of transportation and read what they told us. they said in any lesser emergency there would of course have been notice and involvement with home owners, but there was nothing remeetly normal from these circumstances, from a practical standpoint, it was impossible to provide notice for every structure damaged. your response? >> and they never notified me. there are houses on my block worse shape than my house, and they're not there. >> what does your attorney say, do you have a case? >> i don't know.
6:57 am
>> more "fox & friends" in two minutes. nothing melts away the cold like a hot, delicious bowl of chicken noodle soup from campbell's. ♪ let it snow, let it snow
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